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Nigeria Is The Future Culture Of West Africa

All culture is copied, tranferred, and learned, there is alway a culture that prevails, I predict Nigeria is the culture that wins in Africa. 2013

Tue, 8 Jan 2013 08:53:13

Nigeria is the Future Culture of West Africa

Talking too much, meandering conversations that are clever, but in genuine, a culture that says listen to me, you can trust me.

Any way I look at it, the West Africa I love is leaving, and any concept of Nigeria you understand, this will be West Africans. They truly do not understand a straight forward, direct way of living; it just is not a cool existence for them. In a way, Bob Marley will destroy this place, it seems rather hopeless, but the whole world is going down the rabbit hole at a face book love of life speed.

Nigeria is Future of Africa

Fortunately, I or any human does not have to follow along; we can live out the rest of our life, without entering that game.

It would be hard to destroy all honest cultures completely, there is always some small town, a village that does not need to be clever, where small town values prevail, and the big city, is for the big city people.

Be the first one on your block, to have your kid come home talking Nigerian…. hehehe

Nigeria is the Christmas Future of Africa.

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