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My Honor To Experience Mano Po In Valencia Philippines - Culture

Thursday morning October 11, 2018 I experience a moment that stopped me, not sure what to say, it was a moment to remember. It was a blessing.

Fri, 12 Oct 2018 06:13:55

Mano Po

Words interfere with experiences, most things in life are better felt, as they are confusing to explain.

Yesterday, as is my custom, after a couple of hours of fiddling around on my computer, at 6:30 am I went for a walk in Valencia, Philippines. A small city, quiet at this time of day, except for the dogs, and chicken It is cooler in the morning, the world is brighter, happier, life is more optimistic before the adult world surfaces from their slumber. 

After wondering around aimlessly, I returned to my friend house, and there were two proper young children, I am guessing maybe 4-6 years of age, who I felt said, "Good morning." I really don't know, yet, I am sure, I felt a hello in some language. 

Promptly, in as clear as English as possible, with as much respect as possible I said,
"Good morning."

A small girl, with maybe her brother...

The young man sort of moved away, sliding to the side...

Then the girl, who looked approximately the same as this image above held her hand out. From years of experience, it is proper to mirror the body language of cultures, therefore I help my hand out also; she walk under my hand, and put it on the side of her face, slid her face into my hand, then walked away, like an angel.

No words, no goodbye, as if an angel blessed me.

It has burned me for two days now, I am sitting here now in my room in Manila, with a gratitude, for this honor. What did I feel?

Blessed, and it would be nice if we talked less, and felt more, and stopped looking for problems on the planet that don't exist.

Blessed, thank you,

Andy Lee Graham
October 12, 2018
My Father, Jerold Graham Birthday.

I am sure he is blessed, he is in heaven. your son,

Andy Lee Graham

Please, I do not understand the Philippines culture, this was an experience I felt. not really understand, more of a blessing.

Read Wikipedia on "Mano Po." Blessed

This was an honor, thank you.

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