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I've Been Kicked Out of the American Culture

Somewhere along the travel path, the USA culture decided I do not fit in, I am wondering if they will accept me back if I keep my mouth shut?

Thu, 3 Nov 2011 04:35:28

"I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members".
- Groucho Marx

The USA culture is by far one of the most judgmental cultures on the planet against other countries. I have been to Africa now six times, and in an almost racist way, the USA does not want to hear, know or understand Africa. I think the way it works is a back handed slap.

"Americans will talk about and discuss other cultures, if and only if we can define the culture as below the USA culture."

If I say, Africa is poor, they will listen, if I said, that Africa is rich in resources, and food is plentiful in the rain forest areas, the USA culture shut their brain, give me the hand.

These are some cool words to learn about social groups:

1. Estranged
2. Alienation
3. Shunning
4. Bullying
5. Mockery
6. Take the Piss
7. Ostracism

The longer I travel, the more I hear the phrase,
"Yea, but."

As of today, I believe that long-term travel outside the USA should not be encouraged if you want to become an executive in a USA business. Or maybe work for the government, and as a factory worker, they would probably tar and feather you.

The last thing a group wants is any one member having superior and irrefutable real knowledge of information not known or available to the group.

Bottom line, you become a better person by traveling, maybe more tolerant of other cultures, more capable of empathizing and seeing both sides of two cultures. However, the more you know about another culture, the less you will fit into your own.

Not that I care, but am continually working within myself to stop accidentally triggering anger or unanticipated responses from friends from the USA. An idle, not even serious comment, a generalization that to me seems obvious and simple can cause me stress.

For example: Africa has 52 countries, and in reality on a couple have really bad AIDS, I think South Africa, maybe Zimbabwe, but if I say to Americans that Africa really has less or about the same amount of AIDS, they will get angry. CNN and the NGO idiots have created a groupthink that refuses to be objective.

If your son or daughter wants to fit in with a huge corporation, then best to go to Disneyland or Las Vegas.

I guess I have been trying to feel this one out, I want to drive a minivan around the USA for a few months. I have to do my homework, and learn how to in round about way less the reality of the world, and tell the American folks simplified and understandable comments, or they will do that interplay where I say something and they say,
"Yea, but."

It is always amazing how a well-read American can believe that reading about a country is more relevant than living inside a country.

Maybe we can best acclaim our intelligence, by the list of groups we know of that shun our opinions, the more we fit in, the more stupid we are at the end of the day.

American Flags

I am one of the few world travelers who always has American Flag on his bag. I carry that smaller bag with me all the time as I walk around, it has a camera inside. I make a joke, it is my "Euro-Trash Repellant."

The Eurotrash see the flag, get angry and stay away from me, but it also repells the anti-USA, from the USA person, who hates his father and any authority.

Truly the reason I have it on my bag is I am proud to be from the USA and nothing gets local chicks to talk to you faster, then to let them know I am from the USA, the USA is chick magnet country of highest priority.

In some fuzzy illogical way, there must be something about being shunned by cultural groups that makes you a free thinker. In the end, I would rather look like I was 25 for the rest of my life, intelligence is just away to be confused more often than people around me. The more variables and options I have the better my odds of being confused.

I am American all the time

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