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I Must be the Ugly American for Internet Business Reasons This Sucks

The best life possible for an American is to never understand, never learn from the Eurotrash why they are angry with Americans.

Wed, 9 Nov 2011 04:59:53

I have spent 14 years trying to minimize the Americanism, that enrage the Europeans, but make poor girls love me who are not from developed countries. The more I speak Spanish, the less latina girls I can meet, they want to go to America, the want to leave their own culture.

NOW - I have become too much of World Citizen, I am being punished radically by the Internet Search engines algorithm for being neutral, oops. 

There are archetypes that are combined make up a stereotype, and allows me to make great generalizations without remorse or care. Every person make 100's of generalization in just a glance at a group of people, then about 90 percent make irreversible judgements. In here lies the problem, to take a great generalization and refuse to allow it to be thrown out the window lacks common sense.

And for sure, there is no common sense on planet earth, I estimate only about 1-2 percent of humans have savvy or common sense, about the same as can make millions investing in the stock market, a good guage of common sense skills. Of course there are the natural born liars, which do good in sales.

But only a savvy person can choose a rare, unpopular before it becomes purchased by the rabble, the public, and blows it sky high.

What I am doing, if you read my style, I only am using the name of the country I am presently located. Because I am writing about the D R, I should write it, but instead I am writng now about the USA citizens inside the D. R. Dom Rep.

I am 100 percent tired of writing for the search engine, I want to write without an thoughts in the back of my mind, but the desire to help people.

Do you know what the Ugly American book, and movie is, or do you use the term without ever knowing, which is truly ugly. Well, a guy wrote a book, called the Ugly American in the 50's I think, it was literally an ugly American who live in maybe Thailand who helped the local by making bike that pumped irrigation water.

Then there was a movie with Brando, which from misconfusion, lead to two good men coming to war, or betraying each other, truly not the on the table cliche usage of Ugly Americans.

The Euro Trash take it to higher levels, and never read the book, or watch the Movie by being angry with us. Then stupid, I mean incredibly stupid travel writer, who hate their country, want to suck up to Euro-Trash use the term,
"Do not be the Ugly American."

Well, they never read the book, just an easy to grab term, and it has taken root.

Rick Steves is the champion Travel Writer of idiocy, truly a person who panders to the European Elitist attitude, and everything the American Revolution got rid of, but some elitist still want.

He is selling European Tours, as if they are better than the USA, which is just not true, the Europeans move out of their countries 10 times more than Americans.


Well, I understand both sides, and never read Rick Steves, he makes me gag.

But, the cliche goes on, the ugly American to me is one who denies he is American and not proud of one of the best countrie on the planet. However, being loud, particular, or even generous on tips is American, it is our culture.

Cultures are cultures, you can slow down a culture, but we should not want Americans to act European, that would make us a failure, repeat the thing we left.

Well, I have become a world citizen, I seldom use slang, I do not talk about other peoples country and insult them face to face. I have strong opinions, and I can generalize 100 things about French, Brits, Germans, and I have comeback to all their anal comments.

Example: A German person says,
"You have no culture."
I reply with,
"Your write, we are European, we are 26 percent German origin, it is the largest in the country." (Being taken by Mexico now.)

Stops the ignorant cliche German who believes they are superior who had their as kicked in two wars by Germans living in America.

When writing, as a writer I must define my audience, and one-track it, by giving two sides of these issue, the USA side, and the World Citizen view, i lose 99 percent of American and only keep the truly savvy, ugg.

Fun stuff, but the best thing to stay 100 percent comfortable is to stay in your own culture. To travel the planet is to agree to be uncomfortale, but if you stay the course, you need to already be proud of yourself. This is the problem, many low esteem people travel, they adapt to being from another country, then want to look at the USA people as crap. I do this, but I also do not. I am a write, my goal is to push you off your block, to make you see outside. I must overstate, to push you off your comfort, I want to climb into your brain and insert a thought, that can grow to take root, to the point where you understand.

I wrote the other day, Africa does not have AIDS as bad as the idiots make it, then two Americans tried to prove me wrong.

The continent of Africa is 52 countries, to generalize that big is not smart, but I have been to Africa, and know it is big --- the two American proved their cliche Ugly. I deleted the comments.

NOTE: We inserted a solution, I can now ban the many who want to prove me an idiot, they will be banned permanently, this is not a democracy, I am not here to allow you to have a podium, I am the writer, remember? And for sure I am not as a person who has traveled for 14 year, and visited 90 countries going to just change my mind because of a few wanker inside the USA. (I used great Brit slang against my American, a form of Travel elitism, yes, me, and not me.)

Africa wants AIDS, they get sent billions of dollars, and the USA wants to hide all their Gay AIDS and Drug Addicts, the best way to transmit AIDS.

I was in Togo, West Africa, and two times people have told me the percentage of AIDS. One was a Peace Corp director, and another was working for the United Nations helping Volunteers.

I said,
"How do you get a percentage for a country that has never counted their people?"

Mathematically, this is impossible, but and they are not critical thinker, and not savvy, but that is why they work where the work, trying to change people is at best stupid.

"I can change my pants, I cannot change people."

I cannot change people, places or things... hehehe

Now remember all your stereotypes, I am a Hobo Traveler and all poor people are stupid, come on be judgemental and enforce it, that is the way of 99 percent of people. Take a label and enforce it, and demote a good generalization.

A good generalization will keep you from talking to dangerous people.

I generally do not like to proofread, and hope a savvy person can separe a good presentation from reality, but I know that is not true.

I Must be the Ugly American for Internet Business Reasons This Sucks

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