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Africa Is My Window On The Origin Of Species - Culture

To not change and keep pace is good, the need to adapt is a not a benefit.

Fri, 8 Feb 2013 06:22:21

Africa is My Window on the Origin of Species,

Africa is not too poor, it is the too rich to work life, life is so easy there is no need to be chasing the American Dream here in Africa. Which is really a nightmare, because we inside the USA must adapt, fight, and evolve, life is a battlefield, while here it is walk, eat and sleep.

I am not sure if this is a love story, or if this is business advice for Africa. When I was 20 years old, the father of my girlfriend Judy R. said,
“All good movies include a love story.”

Then, let me think, maybe all good business has love, and all true love is ran like a business, yes that is correct, I am on the right path.

I am a W.A.S.P,
There is no way for me to forget this term, at Indiana University, Dori M. a Jewish girl from Carmel Indiana said it, along with “Goem” many times, it is impossible for me to forget.
“Andy, you are a White Anglo Saxon Protestant.”

Damn, I use this term about myself with love, it is who I am, and it is the story line of the “Origins of my Species.” But, the WikiPedia explanation make me out to be the corrupter of the world, or maybe as I view it, I am just a misplaced European, who adapted, left Europe, whose family name Graham landed in the State of Indiana, some of the best farm land on the planet.
“I Andy Graham come from a species that adapted to become a W.A.S.P.”
--- Hey, we needed to adapt, we had no choice… it be we.

African slave

"Hobos went looking for work, they adapted, and survived."
"A bum refused to work."
"A tramp travels, but refuses to work." 

Cultural Clouds are Removed in Africa

There is foggy cloud of mixed cultures over the "over-developed" world. This makes understanding human emotions, motivations, and adaptation difficult under the cloud.

Many readers know that I went to the Amazon in search of un-contacted tribes, and know where one is located near Breu, Peru, and hope to return soon, when I have a documentary crew ready and willing.

Why come to Africa? Why go close to un-contacted tribes?

Very little cultural adapting change was needed in Africa in the last 1000-10,000 years. And for un-contacted tribes adapting or change is almost a zero. Maybe the title of the book by Charles Darwin explains,
“The Origins of the Species.”

The theme of the book, as I understand, over my edge to read, is that “All of life is a Battlefield, and when the battle demand, then we adapt. We needed to be quick on our feet during WW II and developed the Atomic Bomb to preclude the need to invade Japan, etc.

Resource Curse
In my opinion, freezing weather forces humans to adapt, change, and compete differently than the warm tropical weather of Africa. And overabundance of children helps a farmer, while too many children makes life complicated in some cultures.

Generally, there is an overabundance of land, and overabundance of food in Africa, with no reason to fight the weather. One can sleep about anywhere, and survive. Yet, everyone believes they must thrive, not just survive, what an interesting misconception in my view. What motivates humans is more about jealously, than the need to thrive.

I come, I came, I am in Africa, and will leave and return to Africa, it is like reality experienced, from a different view. If when I watch the show, I only take out the obvious, and do not expect the show to change, and then I see what it real.

African generally does not feel any need to change, or adapt, time if of little consequence. However, there is a lot of jealously, and fear of appearing stupid.

Africa is human nature with less edits, with fewer adaptations, and less need for change. Change, and the evolution of culture sometimes needs to happen, the species called human often does need to adapt to survive.

While in Africa, there is less change, one could say it is primitive and uncivilized, we can call it names, and in someway elevate out status at the expense of Africans.

However, to live in a place where food was plentiful, where adapting was not required, where survival is almost guaranteed is an advantage not a disadvantage. Africa is not behind; it is just evolution moving at a different speed, less need, less adapting, less change in cultures.

Fun stuff and annoying that developed people always want to rub it in their face they have less. While the developing world has more, they are poor in time, while Africa is rich in free time.

Go figure, I can work hard all my life, or hardly work, who is the better man?

round tuit

African just does not need to get round tuit.

The business advice is, you have to get around to it, if you truly want to compete globally. However, since there is no need to compete, it is just a luxury, then why?

On the other hand, if you love your people, you love your family, then you need to run a few things like a well ran business, and get around to it.

Love of family is nice, and we do love our family, they make good farm labor. Yet, Europe is quickly head toward negative growth, when childen stop becoming a need, there are less children, we adapt, or Europe is adapting fast.

Humans have many children, the must, with the hope, the dream, and the demand the children take care of mother and father when they are old.

Fun stuff, and I enjoy Africa, there is less hiding of real feeling, needs, and wants, often they do not even fight for what they want in life, they just let it pass them by.

Path of the ship that Charles Darwin was on for five year called "The Beagle."
A Hobo with a bindle, a slave with a bindle was a form of adapting. The Hobo went in search of work, a slave ran to avoid a negative life. Contrary to what you think, most slaves did not even try to run. As much as a cow does not need to look for new pasture, if it was fed.
Round Tuit Explained.
Togo Africa, this Blog post was written in Kande, Togo.
Charles Darwin, life is a battlefield, and some need to adapt to survive.
To get around tuit.

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