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50 Caliber Guns in West Africa Versus the USA at Christmas

50 Caliber Guns in West Africa is better than the USA for Christmas in 2012.

Fri, 21 Dec 2012 00:11:18

West Africa versus the USA at Christmas

“Civilized cultures were no good at violence, that is what made them civilized.” - Ken Follett in book “Whiteout.”

I am presently in Ivory Coast, and racking my brain, trying to decide where to go in Africa. I truly enjoy Africa, although with 52 countries, this place is the big boy continent of travel, it will take up to 10 years to explore this place, there are too many hidden corners.

Watching people piss, and seeing 50 caliber machine guns is getting old, there has to be more to do for fun. There is always an over-abundance of sexy African girls around, but their education is too low for stimulating conversation.

My friend Johnny wrote me an e-mail today from Ohio, USA, and it was a wake up call, he said, “Weather is shit raining, a cold heavy rain, wind about 40 mph, temperature average is 37 degrees. Man I hate it, just 3 days and I already hate it. I spent almost 1000 U.S. dollars already had to take 2000 out of the bank. It is crazy; I do not know how anyone can make it on an average salary. Besides it’s not much fun.”

I guess, a bunch of Ivory Coast soldiers driving around in jeeps with 50 caliber machine guns, and rock propelled grenades is better. I think the governor of the area came and told stories yesterday, I was afraid to walk on the street, being I am the only white guy in the whole area.

Where do they buy these guns? Never stops making me angry, is it quite obvious, the developed countries like to sell huge guns to poor people.

What is different about Africa is it is simpler to change the channel, and stop with the cell phone culture.

I am not sure who is more stupid, the Americans in Ohio, buying cell phones, and fighting winter, or the people buying cell phone in Africa, and talking all day with friends. Generally, the average Africa is sitting behind a food stall, or selling something, he or she sits all day talking with friends, without a worry in the world. While Johnny spends 1000 USD in three day in the USA, and constantly knows, the money is pouring down the drain.

Many people give up, and go back to the USA after a few years.

I think they do this, to see family and friends at home, well, after 15 years of perpetual travel, I think about my friends in Guatemala, or Thailand, or the Philippines, and many in Togo, but not about the USA, that is last on the list.

There is no great place for all people to live, there is an only great place for me to live, and all the rest of you need to choose your own story to live.

It is always amusing when people want me to stop traveling, like that is somehow an alternative. But, there is no where to go when I stop, all is the same, the world is where I live, not in one location.

I do not need to store a thing I buy, that is what is different about me, and maybe the rest of the people on the planet. I do not collect stuff, or things, I have complete eradicated from my system the need to define myself by things I buy.

For that, I am grateful, it is the freedom, I can never explain.

I am thinking about Natitingou, Benin, a great market, cheap hotel, and tons of tribal girls walking around with great tribal ways of walking.

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