Cryptocurrency Can Stop You Cheating On Taxes - Cryptocurrency

I believe 80 percent of people are extreme tax cheats... This is my opinion, it is speculation. The USA government wants everyone to pay digitally, I believe they love credit cards, debit cards, and soon, they will use cryptocurrency.

Donate, Invest, Consulting, Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency to Andy Lee Graham

I am Andy Lee Graham, please send Bitcoin. You can donate, invest, pay for consulting, etc. Thank you, Life is Good.

I’m Selling My Bitcoin Today, Andy Lee Graham - Cryptocurrency

Wow, what an emotional roller coaster. I went to Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador, then paid 3 times using Bitcoin in the country of El Salvador. Soon, realized this was extremely dangerous, stopped talking about it, who wants to get kidnapped?

The Future Of Business Is Crypto --- Join Zoom Meeting - Cryptocurrency

You are invited to a cryptocurrency zoom meeting. In the near future, the over-developed countries will stop using paper money. Every Sunday night at 9 pm EST - New York City time, we will talk about business, investments, money, it’s the future.

Thu, 3 Mar 2022 07:43:55

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