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We Have 70,000 Thoughts per Day

The mere idea that I have 70,000 thoughts per day makes me tired. Critical Thinking

Fri, 9 Nov 2012 15:03:50

There is proposition being passed around the Internet and world stating that humans on average have 70,000 thoughts per day. I came on it by accident, when trying to research what I would call "Thought Fatigue."

Some are blaming this data on the NSF: National Science Foundation, but in a way, it has nothing to today with this stream of thoughts by me. NSF 
The research is rather irrelevant, inconsequential, but the number whether 15,000, 50,000 or 70,000, that is important, these are big numbers.

Andy Graham thinks

My hypothesis is, (Thought fatigue is relevant.)
"Humans strive to have more thoughts per day than mentally healthy."
or in more laymans terms,
"You think too much, it is driving you crazy."

The Internet, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, TV, could be the path to insanity. Or if you are fatigued because you had too many thoughts today, you become angry, you have frustration anger.

I am Andy Graham, from Orland, Indiana, I have now traveled the planet for 14 years, nine months, and have stopped to live in 90 countries.

Universal Goal of Contentment or Happiness

I believe that people should, or could have one universal goal in life. It appears to me, they should strive to be happy, content, and free of hostile, guilt, or rageful thoughts and behavior.

If you accept this universal, then attempting to steer your thoughts seems be wise. For example, if I have 50,000 negative thoughts today, and only 20,000 positive ones, my assessment of the day would be,
"Andy you are unhappy."

But, maybe the memory of the day is more important?

Personally, I believe that humans have a self-protecting part of the brain that constantly demand to delude the conscious mind. It demands we put forth as an ego defense mechanism this thought,
"My life is good."

What is a Thought?

It is a 3 second Pschological present

Self-awareness thoughts (Introspection)

Non-self-awareness thoughts (Introspection)

Stop to focus thoughts

No need to focus thoughts

New information thoughts

Routine information thoughts

Prioritized thoughts

Non-prioritized thoughts

Reactive thoughts

Proactive thoughts

Try to remember thoughts

Not trying to remember thoughts

Flowing thoughts:
- Watching movie
- Reading a novel


If you watched the video, maybe it is best to create a never-ending series of good memories, that are never corrupted by bad endings.

Yet subconsiously, I feel quite sure that people that are too greedy with their thoughts, and continuosly need to have more are not inherently happy. I believe they have "Thought Fatigue."

I think all people can be financially rich, we only are poor when envy others. In a way, all you need to do is stop watching what other do, and enjoy the day.

Now, go out and make a good memory.

Thank you,
Andy Graham

Andy Graham thinks too much.