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Users Eating Zooms Baffling Brilliant Bullshit - Critical Thinking

Developers, coders, techs are super prone to their addiction to the allure of :Baffling Brilliant Bullshit..." Addicted to their bias to be happy, they can say, "I figured out the configurations."

Thu, 7 May 2020 04:25:01

The Configurations Are Addictive to Code Developers

I am radically great at computers, a natural, computers are not even interesting, they bore me to tears. And, I work with, on a computer, use smartphone continuously, all day long, I am CEO of a large social network called, meet friends, and explore.

Yes, I work with computers, smartphones.

A computer is a hammer to me.
Please don't bore me, with talk about computers.

I have been traveling non-stop for over 22 years, I do not have a home, I do not sign rental contracts, I do not own things, pretty much, I only have a carry one backpack. It is quite possible, I am the longers work at home person on the planet, but never at home. In techie terms, they would call me the longest perpetual digital nomad on the planet.

I don't want to learn the Internet jargon

Simple is genius, complex configurations are addictive, except for me, and for me, they are annoying, "Why are you making me think about this bullshit?"
--- I want to scream, "Aren't you smart enough to make it simple?"

Zooms Uses Baffling Brilliant Bullshit 

Zoom is a way for people to see each other, talk, have a meeting using the Internet. I can see you, we can talk, a way to video conference call, a much more intimate way of two people to meet, talk, and see the body langage; which is supposed to be 70 percent of a conversation. (Do not ignore body language are your risk)

I have a talk show, blah blah blah on YouTube, and, I have a dream of bring together 10-20 people on a video conference, as I understand, they call this a webinar, like a seminar, a meeting you would go to in person, but instead we would do it using computers. I can be in Guatemala, you can be in New York City. This is the future, it will save billions of dollars, as it becomes more sophisticated, the need for business travel will decrease by 80 percent. Don't get it wrong, people can hide important experiences with video conference.

Yet, I want to explain ideas, like how to be organized? How to buy planet tickets? How to find great Hotel rooms? Generally, how to set yourself free, and live anywhere.

Webinars Zoom Video Conferences

I want to do seminars using the Internet, I do not want to spend days configuring Zoom, then after 3-5 days say to myself,
"Andy, you are smart, you figured out how to securely configure zoom."
That to me, is computer insanity, how a tech gets to say to lesser humans,
"Look, it is easy."

Easy take 5 minutes, and any normal person can do it...

I am angry at companies, they hide behind 1,000 of layers of bullshit, then want us to sign disclaimers that only a team of legal experts, coders, techs would be crazy enough to want to study, or understand, it is unethical, there is no meeting of the minds.

And, I know you don't care, but I do, I am the CEO of a large social network.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham
Panajachel, Guatemala Lake Atitlan
May 7, 2020 in a one room 80 dollar per month room.
Smart enough to know the genius of simple.

Fools by Albert Einstein
zooms baffling brilliant bullshit