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The Follow Me Mentality Is Dumbing Down Young Minds

It is my opinion, that the Internet by power of suggestion, by like, and unlike has created a generation of youth who can only follow, not think.

Sun, 24 Apr 2016 02:22:12

Follow Me Pied Piper

I search daily for wisdom, I am tireless in this task, I wake each day, hoping to add another man or woman to my list; I call them my smart people. Smart people are people who I can lead me down the path, who will help guide me, somehow they provoke me, they push me, they prod me to look at all problems as having many points of view, that there is good and bad in ever proposition, that we as humans need to listen, and try to make the best decisions.

When I ask a person, what do you think? And they reply, with "I do not know." I know they are waiting for the "Pied Piper" to follow.

Let me tell you a story...

Right now, today is April of 2016, we have Democrats and Republics candidates vying for our votes, and we have:

I will put these in alphabetical order: (For a reason)


Which of these Presidential candidates do you think is an idiot?

Which of these Presidential candidates do you hate?

These two questions maybe provoked an answer from you, and we could ask ourselves why? Why are we quick to say one of the people above are an idiot, why are we quick to say one of the people above we hate?

As for me, I do not even know these people above, I can watch on TV, listen, discuss, but for me to say, they are idiots, or that I hate them means I am probably following along, I am being lead by the nose.

We may disagree with any of the people above, but it would be close to impossible to be on the list above if the person was indeed an idiot.

We may disagree with the list above, but to hate another person, who we do not even know, never met, have no clear path, just hearsay information is....? Who gave us the right to hate, we are following friends who want us to hate, not to think.

Please watch the video below of the Pied Piper, and wade through the contradictions, I would say, do this with your children, but sadly, I am writing this for the adults, we as adults need to be trained, we need to tearch ourselves to make decisions, to separate the good from the bad, the sweet words, from the mean words, to find balance, and understanding. When others talk, when people talk, they are searching for naïve people to sway. This is the job of the President, to lead, to sway, to put the people onto the best path for the country of United States of America, not Canada, not Germany, not Europe, but the USA, not the Gays, not the Blacks, not the Whites, not the Rich, not the Poor, but all the people, what is best for all, not the majority, not the minorities. He needs to be like a good father, or like a good mother.

Are we capable of being a good father or mother?

Do you want your son to grow up to be like you?

Do you want your daughter to grow up to be like you?

Why am I tireless in the task of finding people of wisdom, because my life depends on it, the quality of my life will be decided by the friends I follow, but wisdom is knowing that following a bad example of a person will build my mind, construct a person, “me,” into a person not worthy to be a father, brother, uncle, to be part of the family means we also have people who must be excluded, we must not follow.

Wisdom is not following a bad example first, then finding good examples second.

Good writing makes a person a little bit angry, a little big happy, but when just happy, or just angry, then reader beware, there is someone carrying a pipe playing music to our ears, wanting us to follow blindly.

Is it a waste of time for you to watch the video? Each next choice is how we construct ourselves into a human of quality.

The follow me mentality  is sweet words, we follow only if the words are sweet, and attack when they disagree.