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All of Nature is a Battlefield

Critical Thinking leads me to believe that humans need anger, all humans need to destroy their competition to survive.

I will try again, I want to say, "Survival of the Fittest," is the passive way of saying, "all of mankind lives on a battlefield."

I have for years felt like I was at war with the wimps of the planet. It has taken all the energy I could muster to not slap them silly. I have no desire to fight with them, and have refused to fight. Yet, when another human declares war on me, then I am by default already at war.


First of all, let me say, I believe that God and survival of the fittest to be 100 percent compatible theories. He or she, I mean God, never said all people should go to heaven, it all seems very competitive to me, and that is the survival of the fittest, ain't it? Survival of the fittest is not a reason to jump to the conclusion that God does not exist, so back off on that right now.

Oh well, it is now time to fight back against them politically correct wimps, I mean, at least I feel I can swat them away without guilt. (All of nature is a battlefield) I know they do not feel guilty, but then again, they live at the behest of the few, some folks do not know they are in war. They attack without introspection, as if they are have the right to fight, and of course all animals in danger fight for survival reasons, it is instinctual.

All humans live on a battlefield, and there are 1000's of ways to say, "Do not slap me silly, even though I am a begging for it."

When one person loses, and another wins, that is indeed the survival of the fittest. It is not right or wrong, it is just nature explaining the rules of life.

It is such a relief to understand that war is natural, and that peace is not. I truly do not need to give the wimps a pass.

Thanks, nobody should feel guilty in a war, when everyone is to fault.

To be kind, for no reason, now that is probably saintly, providing you do not tell anyone you was kind.

Andy Graham



"I want peace in the whole world." The mantra of those stupid girlie contests and of many naive people in the world.
I do not say they should change but they should learn to always be looking over their shoulder.

As a former kid brought up on the streets of Detroit and a former Marine I can only say my street smarts have helped me
survive some nasty incidents in life.

My mantra is an ancient Chinese proverb of the warrior class,

"I always burn my bridges
behind me,
therefore I always advance."

Y'all enjoy!


I lived for some 15 years on the mean streets of New York City, when I was young I made some really bad choices, now I realize I am no victim of 'capitalism' as one far left wing wimp from USA told me once nor anyone's 'chivo expaviato' Spanish for Scapegoat, in the past I allowed myself to be a scapegoat, a doormat, when I had no self respect, I turned myself around recently, I am over 60 and many friends and relatives have passed away or moved away, so I am making new and younger relationships that may or may not turn into friendship, yes had to virtually stand up for myself the other day, I sought counsel, the person I spoke with had met the person in question and advised me she was a 'prepotente', stuck up snob who craved attention, we have a lot of starry eyed newbie wannabe ex pats here, if something happens that needs effort to be fixed, they go bonkers, yep I was on the road with a vehicle for over 15 years in Central America, was the University of Hard Knocks, yet I have not been robbed or 'mugged' by viilence here since 1985, when I decided to go to Guatemala City's Red Light district by myself after midnight, drinking too much beer, at 2 am got jumped, my fault, I was not a victim made a bad bad choice!!!! In NYC USA, a city that host millions of visitors a year, before I moved down to Central America, was mugged and almost killed for $11 with bystanders watching on! Yes street smarts often better than 3 advanced degrees in some situations, I do for myself for I do not expect others to 'do for me' I get along with most start conversations in Malls, Streets and Buses with persons I get good vibes from, life is too short to be mean and selfish and die alone.

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Does it not seem strange, that 1000's must die for a few to live? title=