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Checklist Ideas to Consider Travel During Covid-19 Pandemic
-- Checklist of Things To Do?

Warning: You are 100 percent responsible for your safety, and trips. We recommend you not travel. This is for information, not as factual guidance.

Thank you, Andy Lee Graham CEO of

    This is a work in progress, we will improve daily
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Goal: To anticipate the questions, and solutions to meeting friends, and exploring. So you can do your research. Please accept that there are no universal rules. You must be able to anticipate any situation.


Alphabetical -- CTRL F to Search for Words in Page

1st Step IATA International Civil Aviation Organization

--- Use the IATA Flight Centre to Learn Restriction 

--- Interactive Map of Covid Restrictions by Country

--- Wikipedia Explanation

Accommodations Questions for Covid-19

   What is the policy if you become infected?

   Do they check your temperature as you enter?

   List of requirements to enter

Airline Booking Engines Answer Travel Questions for Covid-19

Airports Questions for Covid-19

   Can we transit in an airport on the way to our destination?

   Do we need to enter the country for a transit, or is there an international zone?

Airlines Questions for Covid-19

   Reputable company to buy an airline ( ?? Expedia. ??)

   What happens when flight is cancelled?

   How is your money refunded?

   Does the airline refund, or give you a voucher?

   Do you need a roundtrip ticket?

   Do you need an onward plane ticket to enter the country?

Ambiguous Words Travel Questions for Covid-19
These words are used often, but poorly defined, almost never explained. 

   Foreigners means nothing. Why? You want to know your country!

   What is essential travel?

   Immunity certificates?

Apartments Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Value of private entrance to apartments?

   Apartments can keep people from knowing you have Covid-19.

Arrival in Country Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Quarantine for 14 day, yes, or no?

   Travel Itinerary? Many countries require you to tell the immigration where you will be every day of your visit.

   Tracking your movements through country

   Need to give them itinerary

Becoming Sick with Covid-19 While Traveling in Foreign Country

   Where I'm going to be when I get sick?

   Insurance good in a new country?

   Can you stay in Hotel with Covid-19?

   Who will take care of you, if needed?

   Will you be forced to enter a hospital?

Cases and Death by Country Travel Questions for Covid-19 

Contact Information about You? Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Is your passport information page completed?

   Does it need to be updated?

   Should you carry a phone that can call anywhere on the planet?

   Who can send you money?

Countries Now for Travel by US Citizens for Covid-19


Countries Planning to Open for Travel in July 2020  for Covid-19



   Carribean Islands

Curfews Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Is there a curfew in the country you are visiting?

   Times of curfew?

   If you are over age 60-65 etc, can you leave, or must you send someone?

   If your flight leaves during curfew hours, do you have transport to the plane?

   Tracking You

   Contact-tracing apps

Developed Countries versus Underdeveloped Countries Travel Questions for Covid-19

European Union Travel Questions for Covid-19

   The European Union is called being treated like the USA, while we may think of Germany as a country, it is part of the EU.

Exposure to Covid-19  Travel Questions for Covid-19

   What do you say when asked, “Have you been exposed to Covid-19?”

   Have you had Covid-19?

   Have you been tested for Covid-19?

Gear Requirements for Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Change of mask every 2 hour.

   Cloth versus paper mask.

   What type of rubber gloves?

   How many rubber gloves are needed?

   Can you breath for 10-20 hours through a mask while on a plane?

    Do you need to wear a mask by law in public in the country you are visiting?

   Are you required to carry antiviral cream?

   Cost of mask at home, and the new country?

   Are we required to dispose of mask, gloves in a special manner?

   Owner of a hostel in Mexico told me I should not wear a cloth mask.

   Do a test wearing a mask for 12 hours without taking it off. The time to fly to Europe.

Glossoray of Terms Covid-19 Related to Travel


Government of Countries Covid-19 Rules of Conduct


Government Warnings Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Almost every government on the planet warns against any travel.



    United Kingdom

Guide to Reopening for Tourism and Hospitality Sector

Hotels Travel Questions for Covid-19

   What are quarantine hotels

   We recommend you call every Hotel before you book.

   You can request from the hotel a list of rules for covid-19.

   Hotel reservation 14 days on arrival.

   Do they temperature test you to enter a Hotel?

   If you get sick while in the hotel, where do you go?. 

Hospitals Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Is there a hospital close?

   Do you have transportation to the hospital?

   Is there someone to assist you while in the hospital?

   Who watches your possessions while in the hospital?

   Cost per day of Hospital in the country of choice?

   Is the hospital corrupt? Will they amplify the cost?

Insurance Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Insurance required for medical problems, for example, to enter Ukraine proof of medical insurance required.

   Does the insurance work, if there is a government warning not to enter?

   Jane says insurance is needed at the airport in Turkey.

   Can we buy insurance in the country we visit?

   Cost of insurance?

   Travel Insurance

Insurance  to Buy for Travel

Legal Questions for Covid-19, Developed Countries versus Underdeveloped Countries

   How does the country deal with you? If you disobey the laws? Rules?

   What is the worst case fine?

   Does the legal system work in the country to visit?

   Is it better to stay in highly developed countries now?

Passport Travel Questions for Covid-19

   We may need at least one year on our passport. Why? Because you could get captured in a country for up to one year, or more.

   Extra pages in passport.

   How many months is needed to enter a country? Generally, it is best to replace a passport one year before it expires.

Search Words -- ie. Google Travel Ideas for Covid-19

   Ministry of Tourism (country)
  Tourist Information (country)
  Lockdown (country)
  Hospitality sector guidance (country)


S.T.E.P.  Travel Questions for Covid-19
S mart T raveler E nrollment P rogram USA

Sneezing and coughing in public Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Are there countries where this can cause you to get tested?

Symptoms Covid-19 Travel Questions for Covid-19



   Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


   Repeated shaking with chills

   Muscle pain


   Sore throat

   New loss of taste or smell

Taxis Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Is there Uber?

   Are the cost of taxis 

Testing of Covid-19 Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Tested 72 hours before leaving.

   Copies of Covid-19 test? How many do we need?

   Will they give you a dated copy of the test?

   Are we required to go to the government-run Covid-19 testing?

   What is the cost of government run testing?

   Test for antibodies.

Time Questions - Time Allotted Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Only one country in the last 14 days can show as leave or enter a country.

   How much extra time is needed to arrive at the airport in anticipation of slower lines?

   How much time in days to allocate for cancelled airline flights.

   Is a 2 hour transit time enough to deal with extra Covid-19 questions?

   I will give 2 days time between trips, to anticipate transportation cancelled

   Time in quarantine in a new country?

Tracing Apps Travel Questions for Covid-19


Travel Warnings Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Defined by Wiki Travel_warning
  Global Level 4 Health Advisory – Do Not Travel


Information Sources USA Government Travel Questions for Covid-19

   US Government - Click Here

Information Sources Facebook Travel Questions for Covid-19

   There are Facebook groups
  I.e. “Thailand Expats.”

Information Sources Airports Travel Questions for Covid-19

    Search on

Information Sources Congressman Travel Questions for Covid-19

Information Sources Embassies Travel Questions for Covid-19

Information Sources Hotel Associations Travel Questions for Covid-19

Information Sources Tourist Information Travel Questions for Covid-19

    Normally, there is official tourist information for a country. 

Information Sources Airlines Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Call each airline used for flight before you buy.

Information Sources Wikipedia Travel Questions for Covid-19

   Generally there is a Wikipedia page for each country starting, “Covid-19 pandemic in XXX

Where to be tested in the USA? Travel Questions for Covid-19

   CVS pharmacy testing in the USA - Cost? 

UK - United Kingdom - Britain Travel Questions for Covid-19


HT Members - Please add ideas belows:

   Do we need to pay for a specific hotel to quarantine? What is the cost?

    Airport rules of entry?

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