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Couple Traveling Advantages by Tom and Paula

Couple Traveling Advantages: Most things are easier when shared by two!

" A great relationship is not when the "perfect couple" comes together.It's when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences" Author , Unknown

Traveling with someone is a much difference adventure than traveling alone. Is two better than one?Traveling with your wife,husband,boyfriend ,girlfriend or just a friend can not only save you money,but could nurture your relationship to a much higher level.

1.Most things are cheaper when it's shared by two!

My wife,Paula and I can share the cost of rooms,shared taxis,rickshaw,Tuk Tuk ,activities,tours and even meals when we split one entree. Many meals we will cook at a small mom & pop hotel with kitchen privileges. Most our food is bought at the local market.It is always good to get the store loyalty card for discounts. Even if you never use again. We also buy larger bottles of water and dispense into smaller bottles. Most tours we take are called "Free City Tours" which there is optional tipping at the end of the tour.We normally find renting a room versus two beds in a hostel cheaper. Just by making our own coffee we save $6.00 per day. We have a $25 per day budget for two people in underdeveloped countries. This includes room,food,drink,and internal transportation.When visiting Europe two to three times a year we do not have any room cost. We house sit or stay with friends.We are then free to explore Europe by using the many low cost airlines. For the first time in decades we traveled in Europe with another couple.This cut the cost in fourths We rented two bedroom apartments with kitchen which worked out to $16 to $18 per person. This is very cheap for Western Europe. Cheaper than a hostel

Now the area where it is difficult to impossible to save money is airline,train and bus tickets.We find when we are flexible with our travel dates we can save money.Within Europe avoid riding international trains. If you are in Poland, for example, take a local train that goes to the border town. Cross and take another local train. You will save a bundle. Another advantage of not being in a hurry..We also travel with 8Kg or less in our packs. We have 2 Hobo pillows and one vest which helps keep us paying extra for baggage.We also join the frequent flyer clubs of all the airlines Not for the airmiles, but some offer extra luggage allowance for joining. The payback on this travel gear was less than three months in additional baggage fees Many times when traveling internal in a coumtry we will take an overnight bus or train. This saves us the cost of a room for one night.Luckily we both have our own social security and pension plans which helps us fund our adventures. One potential savings we often forget to ask for is senior citizen discounts.Also in some predominantly Muslim countries some hotels require a marriage certificate to rent a room together. Carry a copy !

Tom & Paula

Senior Itinerants

Sat, 3 Aug 2019 20:35:58

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