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United Nations Estimates Population Passes 7 Billion Humans Oct 31, 2011

Human density is an extremely important variable in determining whether you will enjoy a country when traveling the planet.

Fri, 21 Oct 2011 03:14:31

Chaos or calm, I believe people like chaos more than they like calm, this must be true, because cities are becoming larger all the time. More people move to the city, then people moving to rural areas, even in an age where people can work remotely, communication is 100 times better than 50 years ago, the reason to work as groups become less need, yet the lemming are all following each other to the city.

Seven Billion People

Seven Billion People.

I truly enjoy rural Africa, rural Indiana, there is nothing in a city that I cannot purchase on and have delivered to my home.

Strangely, i just added Bangkok, as one of the top 75 cities to live in as a Mobile Householder, so even I have a hole in my understanding.

Europe is leading the way though to population control, they hardly have enough babies to maintain the same level, without the immigration of the Islamic people, and Africans, they would slowly disappear in the next 500 years.



United Nations Estimates Population Passes 7 Billion Humans Oct 31 2011