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Travelers Are People Who Feel Rich

I feel rich. Why? Because I can escape the USA and fly to Europe today for only U.S. $490 – a lot cheaper than a Harley!

Today, June 18, 2013, and I feel horrible: I am poor, I am weak, and I am surrounded by confusion, apathy and some really huge humans, the giant economy size.

I am in the USA in a glorious little town called Orland, Indiana. These people here in my home town live in paradise. Life is just too easy, too nice and too simple – and I am bored.

Everywhere I look, people have more than me: bigger cars, big houses and tons of money to spend on U.S. $5 Starbucks coffee. I am absolutely surrounded by people who make me feel poor.

Chicago to Dublin Flight

The other day, a friend shows me a Harley Davidson. He said he was going to buy a second one – one for the lake and another for around the city. By comparison, I am poor and he is rich, and he said to me, “Travel is good for you, but not for me.”

He says this to me every time I am home inside the USA; this has gone on for over 15 years. I return home, and he says, “Travel is good for you, but not for me.”

Well, this is not true. For the first 10 years of my travels, he was waiting for me to quit. I think he now accepts I will never stop. He is a good friend, a good man, and does want me to be happy.

But what is up with the comparisons? I do not say, “I could have a Harley if I wanted.”

Hmm … why? Because I am absolutely sure I can have a Harley, but there seems to be questions in his mind about travel. A Harley is going to cost around U.S. $20,000 or more, and my plane ticket is only U.S. $490. This is truly confusing to me, but then, I am a travel insider, and he is a travel outsider.

Yet, what is a world traveler? Who am I today? I am a person that can make anyone around me feel stupid in seconds – and quite by accident. When I was looking at the Harley, I started to explain about the antique Vespa scooters in Togo, West Africa, but I stopped myself. It is not fair to talk about Africa or the Italian-made Vespa scooter. That is the big world, and I am in a small world today.

So each day, I get on and monitor plane tickets from Chicago to Europe. There is one from Chicago to Dublin for U.S. $490 dollars, and then another ticket from Dublin to France for an additional U.S. $100.

Soon, I will be there in France. The cost is U.S. $490 dollars, the cost of escape from the USA, to do what I want to do, and that is the point.

We do what we want to do in life. So do it!


Sorry I live in a rich town too. Not all of us are rich some of us have worked for our money.I will never pay $5.00 for a coffee! We have all most everything we need. I could use more time.
When we have traveled I felt insulted as people though we were rich Americans like they see on their TV. They think we should be giving them big tips too. Often I say no we work hard and save for our trips.
I hope there comes to a point were I can travel for 6 months at a time. Next fall I hope to get back to Asia. It has always been wonderful. We don't take tours and we do things just with a guide. I don't like to do the normal tourist things. We have gone to markets that tourists don't normally go to. We want to meet the real people. We have meet so many wonderful people in Asia. We have gotten some beautiful photos that come with beautiful memories too.
You did a story about eating in the US a few days ago. While we were in Viet Nam we were careful what we ate but I have never felt better in my life!Every night we went to find my papaya and watermelon and my husband went to fine his Oreos. I also loved the Leeche juice.
Good luck on your next journey.

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