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    - wrongdoing by those in a special position of trust. The term is commonly applied to self-benefiting conduct by public officials and others dedicated to public service.

    Corrupt 1. Marked by immorality; depraved. 2. Open to bribery; dishonest: a corrupt mayor. 3. Archaic. Tainted; putrid. 4. To make or become corrupt.

    Bribery, in law, the illegal influencing of any person in the exercise of a public duty through the payment of money or anything of value. In the code set down by the Babylonian king Hammurabi, bribery was a punishable offense. By modern common law and statute, the tenderer and the solicitor of bribes are equally culpable.

    Bribe  1. Something, such as money or a favor, offered or given to induce or influence a person to act dishonestly. bribed bribing 2. To give, offer, or promise a bribe (to). 3. To gain influence over or corrupt by a bribe. (From Old French alms)

    Signs of Corruption:

    1. Stealing electricity
    2. You always have to negotiate price.
    3. Lot of toll roads
    4. The police always want you passport.
    5. Bribes requested
    6. Not prices on products for sale.
    7. People will not talk about the government.
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