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Hotel Rooms With Temperature Under 80 Degree Fahrenheit - Cooling For Travel

After sleeping in over 1000 hotel rooms, I have concluded, below 80 degrees is fine, and anything over 80 degrees fahrenheit it too hot for comfort. Thanks, Andy Lee Graham

Tue, 16 Feb 2021 23:26:33


4-5 Degrees Temperature Change is a Big Deal.

I am in Anie, Togo West Africa, in the Auberge Bethel, a small, rather nice place to sleep; I have slept in this same room on 4 different occasions. And, I also have a room in the Auberge Mento Patience in Kpalime, Togo. 

Strangely, I have been living various Hotels, Auberges in Togo now for around 5 months, in complete comfort, having chosen great rooms, without a need for air conditioning. Give me a fan, electricity, and life is good. That is, until the average daily outside temperature rose up to around 95-100 degrees fahrenheit, and my average room temperature went from 80 to 84-85 degrees. Wow, only a 4-5 degree jump in Hotel room temperature, and my acceptable rooms have become hot, sticky, and uncomfortable. 

Why am I explaining this? If you carry an indoor, outdoor thermometer when traveling in the tropics, you can learn to find great Hotel rooms. Generally, the cool Hotel rooms are on the first floor, with 2-3 stories of concrete above them, one must always be studying architecture.

I know most of you think, I will just get an air conditioned room, seems simple. However, think about these two words,

“Air Conditioned.”

These words say, the air we breath has been conditioned, it has been changed from one condition, to another condition. Natural air is safe, I truly do not like to say,

“Give me machine created air.”

We want to eat natural organic food, and we can eat unhealthy food for decades, a lifetime, and live a good life. But, how important is air?

We cannot live 3 minute without air.

Life is good, until I breath air served to me by a machine. 

Andy Lee Graham

Wednesday, 4:59 am.

Auberge Bethel

Anie, Togo, West Africa

A place few of you will be lucky enough to say,

“I am here, and you're not, why not?”

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