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How to Prepare Vegetables Using Chlorine Bleach

How a traveler of the planet can use chlorine bleach to clean fruits and vegetables. How much chlorine and now long?

Fri, 5 Apr 2013 06:12:19

Eating salads, vegetables, and fruits abroad is a grand way of ruining a good vacation, and the best way to learn to love the toilet.

I am a world traveler, when I enter a restaurant, I almost only eat what is cooked, food that is uncooked is a no no.

And I prefer street food, I want to watch the cook in action or small 2 family member restaurants. I almost exclusively avoid large restaurants, the bigger the restaurant, the bigger the problems. 1-2 people mom and pop places can be clean, to have 10 people working, and all of them behaving properly, well, that would be an act of God, you think the law in America is lax, there is no law in 200 countries on the planet.

Call the health department?

For Short Vacations:
If you travel abroad on a short vacation of two weeks, then just avoid fruits and vegetables, remembering that cooked food are normally safe, and uncooked food are alive. People are sort of delusional, they believe paying large sums of money suddenly makes a third world culture into a first world culture.

Gong, you lose.

I do not eat already prepared to eat fruit, you just do not know how long it has been there collecting problems.

As a rule of thumb, if you do not watch them prepare the food, then it is not safe to eat. As a rule of thumb, no poor country restaurant will lose money by allowing food to go waste, they do not dump day old food, at least not into the dumpster... They are going to sell the food one way or another, even if they need to chop it up, and add it to a stew. As a rule of thumb, you are not going to die, just get sick, food poisoning is deadly, so click here to read the solution abroad.

Note, if you think you are dying, take the cure, maybe worry about the doctor later, or never.
Food Poisoning Cure

Chlorine Vegetables

So how does a professional traveler eat vegetables and fruit?

The need to clean vegetables and fruit is is change-of-location-problem, people from New York, going to Los Angeles get sick eating the food. But the locals do not have problems, they have lived with the local bacterias all their lives, their body has adapted. When I move 1000 miles, when I travel, then there is a whole new groups of small problems for the body to endure.

Changes in latitudes, changes in adapti-tudes needed.

1. I personally choose the vegetables at the market, I do not delegate my health to anyone, and especially not girlfriends, local cultures just are not up to speed on ideas like, "Do not touch my food."

2. I eat all vegetables the same day as purchased, I do not allow time for bacteria and nasty whatnots to grow up and be adult.

3. I assume there are problems with all foods I purchase, and that I need to supervise the cleaning.

4. After purchasing veggies, I then make a request to the cleanest person I can find,
"Please clean these carrots for me."
"I want to prepare them to eat."
For example, I am in a small mom and pop Hotel today in Kara, Togo West Africa. I requested Bridget to clean some carrots, she did a very good job, and brought them to the room.

There is almost never a good reason to clean the food myself, there is always someone, a local who enjoy trying to feed me like a mom, but I do pay. Please do not offer money, just request, and pay the person what is fair, generally in 200 countries on the planet fair is 20 cents, but pay one dollar.

5. Fill up a container with purified water - This is expensive, unless you have the five gallon bottles. OR
- Take tap water, boil it the day before, and allow to sit in direct sunlight, because ultraviolet rays kill most anything nasty. 

5. Add one tablespoon of chlorine, the bleach you use to wash the white clothing, sold in any country on the planet. About one small squirt to a gallon of water.

6. All the vegetables to soak for 20 minutes.

Remove and eat the same day.

As you can see, this is quite a torturous process, and one should really appreciate the American fresh food at the super market.

And, one should appreciate that I have never in my 15 years of travel seen a restaurant do anything close to this process. Normally, the locals, 100 percent of the time use normal tap water, the stuff we are not supposed to drink, and serve it up.

We always drink the water when we live abroad, or we learn to supervise out food preparation, and learn to look for a clean, dry, plate.


 Chlorine Bleach


Please note, if you can peel, skin, or cut out the center of fruit, and vegetables yourself, with clean hands, that is also a quick and slap way of getting to something safer to eat.

By the way, diarrhea is great way to diet.

Andy Graham

How to use chlorine to clean vegetables?
Chlorine, just a squirt for 10-20 minutes can alleviate a day in the toilet.