What I worry about my computer when traveling?


What I worry about my computer when traveling?

TOO MUCH INFORMATION TO PUBLISH - I have a digital camera and a make WebPages. I just realized after I learned how to connect my computer to the internet inside an internet cafe. I was always worried about making too much information. I was always worried about fixing too many page, taking too many photos or other ways of creating a lot of data to publish. I have relaxed now because I know that if I have a lot of information, I do not have to transfer it all to 3.5 disk and take to the internet cafe. I was minimizing my work because I was worried about the disk. I am now actively fixing hundreds of page. January 10, 2004 Hampi, India.

HEAT - I worry that there is too much heat and will burn up my computer cord transformer. I set the computer on pencils or books to allow air underneath. I use clothes pins to hold the transformer up in the air.

VIRUS FROM INTERNET CAFE - I have trouble updating my virus program and this causes me worry.

SALT WATER AIR - It will corrode or rust parts quickly.

VIBRATION - A bus will vibrate and the screw will fall out of computer. I sit it on my lap when it is very bad.

TAXI - BUS - HOTEL STAFF - They try to pick up my bag carrying the computer. Most traveler bags they can throw with no problem, but a computer is not made to be thrown. So I always carry my bag, but sometimes they get it before I have a chance.

ELECTRICAL ARCING - When I plug my computer in at the outlets in a 220 country or here in India where I am writing this there is a flash as the electricity jumps to create circuit before it is fully connected. I have been trying to plug in faster, because I think the arc is a jolt to the computer, sort of like static electricity. I can turn the switch off here most of the time, and then switch it on. What started me really worrying about this is when it arced on my one-cup electrical water cooker and fried the cord. It is crisp or burned up. I have no idea why, other than maybe the mechanism inside got wet from being dipped completely under.

THEFT - SOP- Standard Operating Procedure.

COFFEE - I worry about me spilling my coffee into the keyboard, and idiots with beer walking around looking at my computer.

TRIPPING OVER CORD - I tie the cord to a leg or use Velcro Straps to hold the cord to something strong and out of the way. I especially keep myself from tripping over the cord that goes into the back of the machine. I am overly aware about how much it cost to fix this connection since I had to deal with the problem in Ecuador.

FALLING OFF BED or FALLING OFF BED IN TRAIN - Falling in any way, shape, or form. I am putting little clips on the side of my bags to clip to the train racks. I do not put the computer on the chair, or table unless very big, and I am not using. I keep on floor for safety. Note that the computer inside the backpack fall off of things faster. For instance if I am in a bus and put on the seat the bus will stop quickly and the computer flies.

STOPPING QUICK IN TAXIS, BUSES, TRAINS, ETC. - Better to have computer low.

BUS COMPARTMENTS - A bus in Mexico went through a river and all the bags were soaked. I carry the bus with me at all times when traveling as a carryon.



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