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Sharing Computer With Friends

Sharing a Computer with friends is problem both for security of information and safety and welfare of your computer.

Sun, 17 Oct 2010 00:30:12

I have owned about 10 computers laptops in my Travel Life, and two of the major problems occurred because I loaned the computer to friends.

One time in Koh Phan Ngan, Thailand I loaned the computer to a friend, he was drinking beer and spilled a drop into the keyboard, successfully killing the motherboard.

Generally, if you loan a computer to a friend, it will come back to you with photos, programs and unwanted information.

The number one reason they wish to borrow or use is to arrange their photos, I never allow this because they put specific software needed for their camera. Then they wish to burn DVD or other mass memory devices.

The rule of thumb is this, if a friend wants to use your computer, you perform the task for the person, do not allow them to work on your computer, this is the only safe strategy.

Sharing Computer with Friends