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Make Words Big Enough to See - My Gift to Mom and Dad

Internet Pages have "CRAZY" small text... WHY? Here is a quick way to zoom in, or zoom out, or make the words on a page big enough to read. Mom and

Sat, 4 Aug 2012 06:01:27


Do you wear bifocals?

How to make small text? 






You would think all the clever people on the Internet would help their Mothers and Fathers to use the pages they make....?

Big Text

Generally, I think the Internet is stupid, it is ran, created, and managed by a bunch of self-centered, egotistical sociopaths. Who have zero ablity to empathize with humans, they do not even empathize with machines well. I am always angry at my own web site, it always seems too stupid for words, but to make it intuitively easy to use, to dumb it down whereby anyone can use the sites is an act of God.

Here is a GIFT to my Mother and Father, I dream, and hope they can learn how to do this...?

Note: I returned home to Indiana, and was watching my parents read my Blog on It was startling for me to watch, they could only see a small corner of each page because the text size was set at largest. I went out, paid about 150 USD to buy a big screen. I came back a year later, and they still was not able see the whole page at one time.

How can you navigate, with bi-focals, looking at one corner of a page, they are lucky to even use the computer, or Internet.

Big Text


Message to Sons and Daughter!
Ok, if you think this is a good idea, but you think your Mother and Father, or maybe your computer problematic  friends will forget. Then click on one the links below, then right click on the graphic, then "set as the backgound" so they cannot forget.

Have fun,

Andy Lee Graham

Try this: It is supposed to open in New Window

If that does not work, click here:



desktop theme


Desktop Theme
Help your Mom and Dad to read, save as a desktop theme.
Make words on the Internet big enough to read, or small enough to understand.