How to maintain your computer in an internet cafe.

How to maintain you computer in an internet cafe

Regular procedures:

1. Scandisk
2. Defragmentation of Hard drive
3. Clean Cache
4. Clean Temp files.

1. Format all the hard drives, and reinstall windows.

Watch for these type of programs:
1. Gator. Saves passwords, and credit card numbers

1. Double anti-virus programs. Redundancy program
2. Mouse pads that work, Do not slip, and are not smooth. Rubbery ones. Lots of the advertising ones are junk. I do not use the mouse pads in 90 percent of the South American internet cafes, because the ball skips, or does not roll properly. The table top is more consistent, and easy to use.

Room. The type of room qualifications
1. Few windows, and very little directly light, so that there is no glare.
2. Moisture, and heat, cold, control. I think of these. Moisture is the biggest problem.

Policies in your internet Cafe
1. Do not allow drinks to be sat on computer.

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