USB port to USB port Connection in an Internet Cafe

USB port to USB port Connection in an Internet Cafe

I believe it is possible to connect from my USB port to the USB port in the internet cafe. This would be idea and they would not complain. It should be very cheap also, there are some cards for the computer and such that will assist in the connection, but this is more expensive. Plus I like something that I can buy anywhere easily and cheaply. I can probably buy a USB to USB cord in every country.

People are fussy about their computers. If I just connect to their computer they can get very angry. The USB connection would provide the minimal amount of problems between me and the owner of the internet cafe.

I know there are people that do this all the time, but they can never explain easily how to do this.

I am hoping this is the process.

1. Connect computer.

2. Download program from internet that make them synchronize.

3. Activate the program.


If you know how to do this? Please contact me.. The email address is in the contact link below.

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