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Travel Companions

Travel Companions

Choosing the right person to travel with is difficult, a bad choice, and you can lose your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend in a heartbeat. The life of living, daily your life with another person on a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 24/7 schedule will challenge any relationship.

I earn the money to travel and travel Dutch Treat
My parents gave me the money to travel and I travel Dutch Treat.
A non family member gave me the money to travel and I travel Dutch Treat
An organization gave me the money and I travel Dutch Treat.
A job is paying me to travel and I travel Dutch Treat.

Single Adult Male - Expenses earned by own job and pays own way as Dutch Treat
Single Adult Male - Expenses earned another person such as parent, pays own way as Dutch Treat
Single Adult Male (Expenses paid by another person.)
Married Adult Male (Husband)
Single Adult Homosexual Male
Married Adult Homosexual Male
Single Adult Female
Married Adult Female (Wife)
Single Adult Lesbian Female
Married Adult Lesbian Female
Male Child under 18
Female Child under 18
Heterosexual Adult Male Semi-Pro
Heterosexual Adult Female Semi-Pro
Homosexual Adult Male Semi-Pro
Homosexual Adult Female Semi-Pro


Long-Term Unmarried Heterosexual Couple
Travel Couples: an unmarried man and women traveling together as lovers with each person paying their own travel expenses. The two planned the trip when while living at home and left on the journey together.

Short Term Unmarried Heterosexual Couple with one partner paying all the expenses.
Travel Love where the man or women pays.- A man or women meets a non-prostitute, and pays the money to allow this person to travel with them, normally the person is from a poor country where they do not earn the same as a Western country.

3. Unmarried Homosexual Male Couple
- Married and went on a trip together.
4. Boom Boom girl or man who you pay to travel with you.
- More or less a prostitute who you decide to take with you for a few days, weeks or months, often men marry this girl.
5. Girlfriend or Boyfriend who plan a trip and leave together.
6. A friend of the same sex who go with you.
One of your mates, buddies, or two girls take off together, they are just friends.
7. Groups of three or more
8. Gay couples
9. Business colleges on trip together.
10. Parent with child
11. Families traveling together
12. Families where the mother and father are not married
13. Dog

Travel Love
I estimate that 33 percent of the travel is in someway evolving around the search for a person of the opposite sex, for many reasons, sharing, love, sex, and many other type of fantasy or delusional reasons. Many persons wish to hide their lives or their true desires from their normal back at home life.


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Travel Companions or Travel Love

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