A Colony Defined: The domination one country over another country normally by military force, but can be accepted, requested, or given. The one country rules the other.

Western Colonies around the world or other types of colonization. A place to submit locations or countries that have been colonized in the past by western countries. This helps a traveler to understand why various nations visit. There are varying degree whereby a country may have controlled a country in some limited way or in total.

What is interesting for a travelers is that is common for the country that ruled to have its people visit these area as tourist after the countries are free. So if you wished to travel where there would be French tourist then you would go where there was formerly a French colony and you would find there are more French tourist than normal, and so on for other countries and colonies. You may also wish to avoid certain cultures or realize your own culture is there in mass.

1. Colonies of settlement.
2. Colonies of exploitation
3. Missionary Colonies - i.e. reducciones in South America by the Spanish
4. Protectorates: A relationship between two states in which the stronger state guarantees to protect the weaker one from external aggression or internal disturbance in return for full or partial control over its foreign and domestic affairs.
5. Mandates
6. Trusteeship system



Congo Belgian Colony 1908-1960.


Aden British Protectorates gained 1839-91 lost 1967-71.
Bahamas British Colony 1629-1973.
Belize British Colony 1798-1981.
British British Possession 1713-Present.
Ceylon British Colony 1795-1948.
Cyprus British Colony 1878-1960.
East Africa British Colonies gained 1806-1898 lost 1910-1965.
Falklands British Colony 1833-Present.
Fiji British Colony 1874-1970.
Gambia British Colony 1824-1965.
Ghana British Colony 1901-1957.
Guyana British Colony 1814-1966.
India British Colony gained 1763-1913 lost 1947 1948.
Jamaica British Colony 1670-1962.
Kuwait British Protectorate 1899-1961.
Labrador British Colony 1870-1949.
Malaya British Colony 1824-1957.
Mauritius British Colony 1810-1968.
Nigeria British Colony 1861-1960.
Oman British Protectorates gained 1839-91 lost 1967-71. Bu Said Dynasty c1754-Present.
Palestine British Colony 1932-1946.
S Georgia British Colony 1775-Present.
Sarawak British Colony 1841-1963.
Sierra Leone British Colony 1787-1961.
Socotra British Colony 1886-1967.
Solomons British Colony 1893-1978.
Somalia North British Colony 1884-1960.
Swazi British Colony 1910-1968.
Trinidad British Colony 1802-1962.
Vanuatu British Colony 1906-1980.
Xianggang British Territory 1898-1997.
Zlesotho British Colony 1910-1966.


Greenland Danish Colony 1721-Present.
Iceland Danish Territory 1380-1944.



Caledonia French Colony 1853-Present.
Corsica French Territory 1768-Present.
Djibouti French Colony 1888-1977.
Guadeloupe French Colony 1635-Present.
Guyane French Colony 1750-Present.
Indochina French Colony gained 1863-1893 lost 1953 1954.
Kerguelen French Colony 1893-Present.
Leizhou French Territory 1898-1946.
Madagascar French Colony 1896-1960.
Martinique French Colony 1635-Present.
Syria French Colony 1918-1944.
Tahiti French Colony 1880-Present.
West Africa French Colonies gained 1626-1914 lost 1958-1962.

Morocco - French and Spanish protectorates



Eritrea Italian Colony 1890-1952.
Libya Italian Colony 1912-1951 Sanusi Dynasty 1837-1969.
Somalia Italian Colony 1889-1960.

PORTUGUESE - Brazil but is more or less totally assimilated

Angola Portuguese Colony 1575-1975.
Bissau Portuguese Colony 1879-1973.
Goa Portuguese Colony 1510-1961.
Mozambique Portuguese Colony 1569-1975.
Timor Portuguese Colony 1683-1976.


Canaries Spanish Colony 1402-Present.
Mbini Spanish Colony 1885-1968.
West Sahara Spanish Colony 1884-1976.


Alaska American Territory 1867-1959.
Hawaii American Territory 1898-1959.
Philippines American Colony 1898-1946.
Puerto Rico American Territory 1898-Present.
Samoa East American Territory 1899-Present.


Afghanistan 1747-Present.
Albania 1912-Present.
Argentina 1816-Present.
Australia 1901-Present.
Austria 1918-Present.
Belgium 1831-Present.
Bolivia 1825-Present.
Bouganville Australian Colony 1919-1970.
Brazil 1822-Present.
Britain 1603-Present Windsor Dynasty 1901-Present.
Bulgaria 1908-Present.
Canada 1867-Present.
Chatham New Zealand Territory 1842-Present.
Chile 1818-Present.
China 1368-Present Nationalist Party 1927-1949.
Colombia 1819-Present.
Costa Rica 1838-Present.
Cuba 1898-Present.
Czechoslovakia 1918-1993.
Danzig 1918-1939.
Denmark 935-Present.
Dominican Republic 1844-Present.
East Prussia German Territory 1918-1939.
Ecuador 1830-Present.
Egypt 1922-Present Muhammad Ali Dynasty 1805-1953.
El Salvador 1838-Present.
Estonia 1918-1940.
Ethiopia 1855-Present.
Finland 1917-Present.
France 933-Present.
Galapagos Ecuadorean Territory 1833-Present.
Germany 1871-1949 Nazi Party 1933-1945.
Greece 1830-Present.
Guatemala 1838-Present.
Haiti 1804-Present.
Honduras 1838-Present.
Hungary 1918-Present.
Indonesia Dutch Colony gained 1619-1904 lost 1949 1963.
Iran 1500-Present Pahlavi Dynasty 1925-1979.
Iraq 1932-Present Hashemite Dynasty 1932-1958.
Ireland 1922-Present.
Italy 1860-Present.
Japan 604-Present Yamato Dynasty 604-Present.
Latvia 1918-1940.
Liberia 1823-Present.
Lebanon was controlled after WW II by Mandate to France
Lithuania 1918-1940.
Luxemburg 1867-Present.
Manchuria Japanese Territory 1931-1945.
Mexico 1821-Present.
Mongolia 1921-Present.
Morocco - French and Spanish protectorates
Nepal 1771-Present.
Netherlands 1648-Present.
New Zealand 1907-Present.
Nicaragua 1838-Present.
Norway 1904-Present.
Panama 1903-Present.
Papua Australian Mandate 1918-1975.
Paraguay 1816-Present.
Peru 1825-Present.
Poland 1918-Present.
Portugal 1139-Present.
Romania 1878-Present.
Samoa New Zealand Colony 1914-1962.
Saudi Arabia 1926-Present Saudi Dynasty 1735-Present.
Siam 1585-Present Chakri Dynasty 1782-Present.
South Africa 1910-Present.
Soviet Union 1922-1991 Communist Party 1917-1990.
Spain 1479-Present.
Spitsbergen Norwegian Territory 1920-Present.
Surinam Dutch Colony 1750-1975.
Sweden 1130-Present.
Syria was controlled after WW II by Mandate to France
Switzerland 1648-Present.
Taiwan Japanese Territory 1895-1945.
Tangier 1923-1956.
Tibet Autonomous Region 1912-1950.
Turkey 1918-Present.
Tuva 1921-1944.
United States 1783-Present.
Uruguay 1816-Present.
Venezuela 1830-Present.
Yemen 1918-Present Zaydi Dynasty 897-1962.
Yugoslavia 1918-Present.