Why You Need to Wear Sandals and How Not to Wear Sandals Travel Tip

A traveler needs to remove shoes to enter buildings in Asia I remove my shoes when on a long airplane flight. How to wear normal walking shoes?


"A wise traveler removes their shoes when entering a hotel room, a truly sage traveler removes all their clothing."
--- Andy Lee Graham

Yes, cleanliness is next to Godliness, and most people want to be clean, yet few want to behave.

Why take off all your clothing before entering a room?
I should not say something like that, and not explain --- Take off your clothing so you can keep your clothes clean, and wear them two days, and save on cleaning cost, generally you will look and smell better as a traveler. This truly is important in tropical hot climates where perspiration is constant. It is amazing how easy it is to stay cool, avoid air conditioning, and stay healthy without clothing. You can also save money, because you can rent a room without aircon.

Sandals are needed, you truly have no choice...
as world traveler, or, do you?

Many religions have the truly great requirement, or custom of removing your shoes, if you go to Thailand, often you will be asked, and you must remove your shoes before entering a business.

I spent five years in the Christian Latino world, Central and South America, and the first time I went to Thailand, I said,
"I cannot leave them outside the door, they will steal them."
My friend said,
"Andy, you are not in Central or South America, they do not steal here."

He was right, Asia is not a petty thief culture, as is Central and South America, or Europe.

Generally Asia, Africa, India and the Middle East you can take your shoes off and relax, petty crime is minimal, but the custom of taking our shoes off is prevalent.


These religions are big shoe removal religions, and not good at petty theft.

My theory on why they remove shoes?

I believe in an intuitive way, the religious founders, leaders knew before it was proven, that dirt, filth or excrement carried disease. Therefore, they devised the custom of removing shoes to keep the house free of problem causing filth.

Generally, if I was going to live in one place in the tropics for longer than three months, I would put a wash basin at the door, remove my shoes, and wash my feet free of sand. Many truly "GREAT Beaches" have water tray areas in the sidewalk as you leave the beach.

Well, watch the video, it explains how wearing a pair of gym shoes 1/2 too small will allow you to remove your shoes and put them on with ease. I thing a truly great travel shoe should allow you to run.

This rapid-removal-of-shoe things is truly a benefit for transportation, whether driving a car, in a plan; or just sitting in the office all day.

Buy these gym shoes for around 35 USD, they are maybe the best value shoe on the planet. 

Andy Lee Graham 90 countries, and 14 years of perpetual travel.

Sun, 27 May 2012 04:20:36

Why You Need to Wear Sandals?

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