Save Money When Travel Clothing Can Be Washed In One Load - Clothing

Travel Tip - Save Money When Travel Clothing Can Be Washed In One Load - If colors are compatible you will save on laundry cost.

Laundry - Clothing

Laundry can be a major travel expense, there is one way to simplify washing your clothes and save money.

Pack or buy clothing that is compatible to be washed together.

Saves Money on Washing:

1. Saves Money because there is one packet of soap needed.
2. There is no worry about ruining clothing by accidentally mixing colors.
3. Clothing can be put in one wash machine, and not two or three, therefore save on cost of coin laundry.
4. Laundry Services will not lose you clothing because you can always give them one complete load.

Note: Many laundry companies will mix your clothing with other peoples clothing so they can make one complete load of wash. When they do this, they often lose you clothing or give to another person. By giving one complete load, this lessens this problem.

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