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The Mystery of Big City Travel

I want to know, why do people keep moving to the city, why do people travel to cities of the planet and do the same, and be the same, doing the same?

The Mystery of Big City Travel

If you are thinking about moving abroad, the first question that needs answered it what size of the city is best for you? Personally, a city between 50,000 and 200,000 people is plenty. Anything bigger and chaos is a never ending experience, but chaos is addictive, and addicts protect their addiction.

My first memory of the big city was my parents packing the five children into a station wagon and going to Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was obvious my parents were nervous driving in a city this big. I grew up in Orland, Indiana, and any city is big when you come from a village of 400 people. And, going to a city of 300,000 people was a frightening, and enlightening experience, it was the first time I saw a black man, first time I went to McDonalds and shopped at K-Mart. When the Glenbrook Mall opened, it was a miracle of shopping.

Major Urban Areas Map

I am 57, years old, and now know the city only too well.

Visted Major USA Cities
I have been to New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, Albuquerque, Denver; I have been to 40 of the states in the USA, I have visited the majority of USA cities, and so what?

I am telling you not to brag, but to say, so what, it means so little to me… it not what I love about world travel, I do not like being another anonymous person in the city.

Visited Major Cities of the World
I am a world traveler, and I have been to more major cities than almost any person on the planet. After 90 countries, and 15 years of perpetual travel, it is very difficult to avoid major cities; they are always in the way. Planes, trains, and buses all go to a big city; the major cities are the transportation hubs of the planet. There is almost no way to avoid them, they squat on my path.

The Big City Mystery is Frustrating.
It is a mystery to me, and truly it makes me angry, if I am not on the road traveling to a big city, readers, friends, and even family are angry. For some odd reason, I must enjoy sitting in car traffic for 1-5 hours, as if a one hour drive to work is a good thing.

My Mother one time said to me,
“Paris is my dream city.”
Yes, on a budget of 1000 Euros per day!

Traffic Jams are the love of the world.
1-2 hours to get out of the city, and one hour to travel to the next one, big cities suck my time, they are like gravity, and they force me to go monotonously slow. People say, I hate traffic jams, and then they go live in traffic, as I see it, they love traffic; the whole world loves traffic congestion.

YOU do what you LOVE.

Here are 2-5 percent of the cities I have visited:

I now have been to London, Paris, Munich, and Barcelona.

South America
I now have been to Lima, Quito, Bogotá, and Santiago

Central America
I now have been to Guatemala, San Jose, and Panama.

Southeast Asia
Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Manila, Singapore and Hong Kong

North Africa
Marrakech, Cairo

West Africa
Abidjan, Accra, Lome, and Quaga

East Africa
Addis, Ababa, Nairobi, Kampala

It is annoying to me to list out cities I have visited, there are 1000’s, they are like mosquitoes. I am not able to think cities; I think about countries, my world is a little bigger than cities.

If you travel to New York City? Then what?
I have walked in Central Park, seen the Statue of Liberty, and been on Wall Street, and drank coffee at a Starbucks that sucked my money from my pocket at amazing speeds.

After that, then what? Why would a person stay?

I want to know why people are addicted to cities?

Soon YOU will Live in the City.
Soon, very soon you will be living in a big city; it is like gravity to humans. The average person is not capable of saying no to the cities of the planet. There is something about the human psyche, which demands to be part of the crowd, to be part of a big city.

By 2050, they say that 85 percent of you will live in the city, and the villages of the planet will surely almost die. As if everyone went to Wal-Mart, and forgot to go home. And yes, whether they you admit it are in denial, people do shop in Walmart more than for Yves Saint Laurent clothing.

Does a human every know why they live where they live, or is it just one big accident on the freeway of life?

I promote the life less normal…

Andy Graham


People are addicted to the big cities due to that's where the money of the world revolves around. Where, basically, the jobs are, not always the the best but generally the higher paying. What's amusing is they forget that it's also where the COL is the highest so as for more money it's generally a wash regadless where you live.

I worked mainly in large city areas most of my life. Fortunately I retired into the country area and except for special reasons I avoid big cities. They do provide certain necessities at times and many are good tourist areas. But I will not live in one again.

Where I live now a traffic jam is 6/8 or so vehicles close to each other. Even our local freeway seldom has a huge amount of cars on it at the same time. Accidents of course always messes things up but not as bad as in the big cities.

We do have a small Wallys, a basic Target, 2 K-Marts and a dying mall but probably when (if) the economy resurges the mall will find new life. We also have more than 3 Starbucks but we fortunately still have more local coffee shops.

There are 3 large cities I do like for various reasons but only one I would ever consider living in. Munich is great but I would always get out about 3 months every year. San Fran and Florence are 2 others I do enjoy but again no way to live in. Tokyo, Paris, Rome, Beijing and a couple of others I will only return if there is a very good reason as they are also interesting cities.

To many tourists obviously miss out on a lot of beauty, solitude, fresh air and friendly people by not getting off the beaten track. Which is good because I go to these places and prefer they stay uncrowded.


The last city I lived when in the United States was in Vestaburg, Michigan. A total of 600 souls and I lived 2 miles out of town.

Since I have moved to the Philippines I now live in Tagum City. 240,000 people and growing. I miss having livestock to take care of but I do love to people watch. No car, I walk or take the tricycle. 25 cents and they will take you anywhere in town. I am 67 years old and I like my cable TV and internet. Going to the movies is great too. Couldn't do that back in the States. Too far to drive and cost too much!!!

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