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Rich People Never Travel on Rain Days or Sick Days

Living by an agenday, plans, the need to travel on rain days, or when you are sick is not winning the game of life.

Never Travel on Rain Days or Diarrhea Days

I live a life of luxury; I have the time, and the money to avoid almost all hassles in life.

I was planning to leave the city yesterday, I was going to take a bus, I seldom get a reservation because I enjoy my freedom, and reservations deny me freedom.

But, when I woke, I realized I had Diarrhea, Type II, the type you get from eating too much of the wrong foods.

peanuts popcorn

Peanuts, Popcorn and two apples was my ticket to the restroom, for the last 24 hours my system got a free colon cleaning, the cheap way, I take one accidentally about ever two months.

I am only going 40 miles down the road, a place I know, and could leave about any time before noon, and not worry about arriving at savvy traveler times to find a Hotel room. Every hour after 2:00 pm makes finding a room more difficult, the Hotels know they have you, you must make a decision, to arrive at 7:00 pm at night is truly not a savvy move, guaranteed you pay twice as much as me, and have the worst room in the Hotel.

Well, I want the best room in the Hotel, therefore in Africa, it is best to arrive around 12 noon, or before, and wait for people in the best room to move out, they always do, they are on a non-luxury agenda, they have planned, and planned, and are not living the life of luxury.

But, for me, with diarrhea, then it started to rain, I delayed my trip, it is truly a great life when nothing can force you to live uncomfortable.

But, I enjoy watching tourists walking in the rain, it makes me grateful for having a life of luxury, and the only cost, is being smart enough to not travel on rain days. Money cannot buy a life a luxury, it requires good common sense, which is not common to find.

And, traveling with Type II Diarrhea would be insanity.

What gave me Diarrhea? A food called Graphics and Time, I ate 3 bags, two egg sandwiches, and two apples the day before, a deadly burping combination of food.

I truly recommend you ditch the agenda, the itineraries, and allow yourself to live a life of luxury, where nothing needs to done today.

Reserve the luxury life, skip the reservations, and live free today.

Andy Graham West Africa 2012


All it takes is 24 hours of time spent in the toilet to stop Type II diarrhea, what I got from eating too much of one food(s).

I do not think you can stop Type I, any change in location gives some people the wrong bacteria and they get sick.

However, I suspect that people who eat in sit down restaurants get diarrhea the most, because they eat foods like salads, and eat on dishes they believe are clean. If the menu is huge, has everything on it, do not eat there, they cannot keep that many foods fresh.

There is a good medicine in Mexico that is illegal in the USA, and it will stop anything, but since I have been drinking the water in 90 countries, I think I am immune.

Type II though is just me being gluttonous on one food, in this case, it was too many peanuts. I have to really be careful with coconut.


There is one great advantage to being retired. You can live the life of luxury almost every day if you want to.
No need to get up from bed and do anything regardless if the weather is great or horrible.
You can sit and be a couch potato or do something important or not, call friends and have a party or not,
it's a wonderful feeling.
Every day is a weekend day without any responsibilities if you want it to be.

I am one when in a big city who enjoys walking in a light, warm rain.
I truly enjoy it because there are usually a lot less people around.

I once had a friend who had worked in restaurants and when we would go out to eat he would talk with the waiter and other employees and ask if he could see the kitchen. There were times he would walk back to the table and leave a small tip and then tell us we were not going to eat there. I'm sure it saved many of us from various problems.

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