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Your Life is Ran by 4 Competing Biases

Your Life Is Ran By 4 Competing Biases - Cheat Steal And Lie

Sat, 2 Jan 2021 18:14:44


Hello friends, and family,

I would say business associates, but they are all friends, and family to me.

I actively choose serendipity, I just don’t like thinking too much, it makes me frustrated, while just doing something for no reason needed is happiness; it is when I prioritize, I get crazy, so I just do it, and let serendipity run my life. I just will not feel guilty, ashamed, or sit around saying to myself, I could have, or should have done that different…


(1) I truly believe after visiting half the countries on the planet, that people like the vibrations, the noise in their head, they are hypnotized, memorized by sound. Loud noises, chaos, constant conflict makes people happy. They truly want to live a life of a never-ending soap opera. They continually move to big cities, make excuses why the music is so loud, do about anything to keep from being alone.

Solitary confinement, to be alone with their thoughts is torture, while a big city, with chaos is love. This is the rabble, the public, the masses of humanity. The opposite of “Desiderata.”



(2)  This is when you friends disagree before listening, they continue to interrupt, they know their opinion is correct, without ever listening to others, more or, less, they are in love with talking, not listening.

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation."


(3) Super highly developed countries are traumatized by this syndrome, they continually have a self-loathing, that somehow they do not deserve to be happy. They hate their own country, as if they can change, what is very difficult to change. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young said it,

“Love the one you with.”

I laugh all day at this syndrome in people, they talk endlessly about what is wrong with their life, country, way of thinking, their job, women, men, their marriage.

My male friends start out conversations with,

“You know, this is how women do it.”

Or, they don’t want me to get married,

“Because they failed, everyone else is doomed to fail.”

Grateful people are happy people, it seems easy, say these words out loud. I am grateful, and life is good, now say it 20 times in a row daily.


(4) I think maybe this is delusional happiness, I think I should encourage people in this bias, support them when they are talking this way.. 

General definition

The tendency to remember one's choices as better than they actually were. In this respect, people tend to over attribute positive features to options they chose and negative features to options not chosen.


TripAdvisor is rich because of “Choice Supportive Bias.”

So this is how travel works, your friends at work go on vacation, and they return. You know, they have 2-3 vacations per year, they travel to the Carribean, Europe, and they stay in a hotel, they get a reservation; and they return home to say,

“Our hotel was the best Hotel in the city, the island.”

They made the choice, they chose the hotel, therefore it must have been the best hotel. Truly stupid, then they get on TripAdvisor, and write a big review, because they paid a lot of money, it must have been good, the more they pay, the better the hotel, truly a false belief systems.

How to know you are in the best hotel is almost impossible to know, you must go stay in every hotel, so you can compare. 

AirBnB thrives on choice, thrives on choice, supportive bias, because they are trying to live with their choice in life. They bought a home, that must have been a good idea, they did it, so they go rent another home, and a home is always better than a hotel full of servants, cleaning people, maintenance workers, and staff.

Personally, I love servants, and drivers, and a good life.

What runs your life is our biases, the constant need to say something is good, bad, better, or worst, or we could just say, I did this today, without a need to justify.

Restaurants are places to eat, not to evaluate ad infinitum. Eat you food and shut up. I suppose I could proofread this, but, I did not write it for you, I wrote it for me.

Thanks, life is good.

Andy Lee Graham in a 7 dollar Auberge in Kpalime, Togo West Africa.

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