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A Cheap Hotel on The Planet is 2-3 Dollars and 5-10 is an Upgrade

I can never live in the USA again, I have tasted the fruit of cheap living, this hotel is great in Guatemala for 40 Q.


The Road to Economical Living is Plowed by Rich Peoples Foolishness.
If they knew what bad deals on hotels they got, they would want to jump of the top floor.

Truly, living in an expensive hotel is often just a status, or insecurity problem, and I hope they never get over it.

I am amazed, the best rooms, the cheapest room are always available for me... Why? Because the rich people believe they need to pay a lot of money for a room, when in reality, the cheaper one are often better.


There is one point for sure, if you want guaranteed Internet in your room, you need to follow the cheap backpacker, the older group, the richer hotels have the worst Internet on the planet.

Well, here is another cheap room, I am paying 40 Quetzales, maybe you can do the math, maybe you cannot, nonetheless it is a cheap hotel.

I love living like King on a Hobo budget, there is something enlightening about know all the rich people get horrible values for their money.


Andy Lee Graham on Lake Atitlan, San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala

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