A Thought for Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas, and what does that mean; I want you to be merry, it does not have to more complicated, because life is simple.

I asked a friend,
"how can I complete all this work in one day?

He said,
"Do less."

I want to thank Gene for telling me that simple piece of advice, ever since that day, whenever I feel overwhelmed, I do less, not more.

I am sure many of you are rushing out into the cold for last minute preparation to do too much, while you could be sitting around being merry doing less.

Life is that simple.

Merry Christmas from Andy Graham 2011




I am lobbying for people to do less 365 days per year. Being too busy leads to frustration, to never complete something leads to rage, a nation where everyone is walking on eggshells avoiding annoying each other. To be merry is to do less, to focus on the happy thoughts, and avoid confusion.


Merry Christmas have a good one!

Page Turner

I am a christian and I know that Jesus was not actually born on this day but it fills our hearts with joy that he was born of the Virgin Mary and that we all celebrate in the church of our choice in the USA without fear. May we all remember John 3-16 Hope everyone had a Blessed Christmas and that they remembered to slow down and experience the season. After all, Jesus did not hurry.

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