Buying A Plastic Bowl And Toilet Brush For Hotel Room In Guatemala - Buy Upon Arrival Or Shopping

The words heard from non-savvy traveler, "Why do I need that?" or "The Hotel should be supplying a toilet bowl brush."

Toilet Brush

I needed a bowl for my Popcorn I am cooking in my room. The cost in Panajachel, Guatemala two Q - or 25 Cents USA.

I needed a toilet brush, the cost in Panajachel, Guatemala is 3 Q, what is that, maybe 35 cents USD.

Think outside the Hotel Box - Open up your brain and buy the things that improves your quality of life.


The first thing I did after I got settled into my room in a 2 star hotel in Colombo this summer was get to a big local supermarket/department store, and buy a large plastic pail, with a lid, for 250 rupees, maybe 2 bucks, and a bag of laundry soap.

I used that pail for 10 days, to do my laundry, as an ice bucket to keep my drinks cold, to soak my feet in, and to put my feet up on. I left it in the room (for the next traveler) when I checked out.

I also bought a plastic kettle that you can lift off of it's heating coil base, for 1800 rupees, maybe 16 dollars.

I made a lot of coffees, teas and cups of soup and noodles over the 10 days which, by "StarBucks" prices, would certainly have cost me much much more than the price of the kettle had I gone out to restaurants for them. I took that kettle with me in my hard shell suitcase for my next hotel and got it there undamaged.


Wanting justice at the expense of a clean room is punishing yourself. Why buy a brush for your Hotel toilet? In my opinion the problem here is justice, it is obvious that a good hotel should provide us with certain things, or benefits. First of all, a quiet room where we can sleep. The difference between a 5 Star Hotel for 300 USA per night, and a 5 dollar Hotel is the list of benefits Toilet Brush,Soap, Shampoo, Towel in front of shower, Swimming pool, Golf Course.

Add all the benefits, put a price on them, and you have the value of the room, what you should pay for the room. Add up the benefits, subtract problems, compare do other properties in the area, and I can do a Real Estate appraisal of the value of the Hotel room for rent, I can tell you what is fair we pay for this room.

Here is a site, where I collect this information, and try to avoid putting on Hobo, because readers get angry when they feel they are wasting their time. But, they all want a good room, and this is the site, so sort of on the wrong path, all at the same time.

Many Hotels do not include a toilet brush. Why? Because they believe they should come into the room, and clean the toilet daily, and, the do not want the smelly toilet brush boil in the room, or they do not want to insult you saying, you should be willing to clean the toilet. Whatever our personal problems, this is one of them emotionally charged things to put in the room, which we wish to avoid thinking about.

Talking about toilets for 99 percent of people is considered a waste of time. You want to know, why the HELL?

I refuse to pay 50-100 dollars more per night, for a room that includes a toilet brush. There are times, when a super quiet hotel, the primary, essential, best reason to live inside a hotel is avoided, and the hotel with the nigh garden in front is chosen, but really has bad room, but a nice garden, noisy hotel, drunk guest, and people make excuses on why they paid 100 dollars.

I want a quiet room to sleep, clean, simple, and inexpensive. I go to 5 star hotels to use their pools, and pay them a dollar for the benefit.

Bu as normal, EVERY Hotel has a benefit one of wants ,and it is a benefit. So, I pay 1-2 dollars to add the benefit to the room, and increase the quality of my life. I am embarrassed to allow a person to enter my room, and have skid marks on the toilet wall, I do not feel myself a gentleman, to have a toilet that is obviously marked. It is one my quirks, one of those things that defines Andy, he will not live in a room with a dirty toilet. I will live in a room without a toilet seat, which is a learned behavior. Fun stuff, but learning to appraise a room is why I live in the good rooms, and everyone else lives 10 times worst than me, for 10 times the money. Room appraisals

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