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The Frank Sinatra School of Business

Is it possible we are hardwired to fail at business? Maybe we are genetically predestined to fail by ignoring good, common sense.

Tue, 30 Apr 2013 19:04:28

We all love Frank Sinatra ... and we should! He was a fun, happy roustabout, the rogue, everything our mother's hated. He was my type of guy.

And, before we get started, lets watch this video of him singing.

"My Way" – Frank Sinatra, Live at Caesar's Palace, 1978

Wasn't that touching and motivating? It makes me feel stronger in life; I want to go out and conquer the world.

Frank Sinatra School of Business

I wrote that on that graphic for a reason – because this is really fun stuff for me to write about – and I want my mother to know that I learned my lesson, "no more Frank Sinatra crap."

There is the my way,
There is your way,
There is the highway,
And there is the right way.

Darwin's Natural Selection

Life is graded on a curve. The majority of us must fail so that one can succeed. The world is a battleground. The ones who adapt, change and find a better way will survive.

We do seem hardwired to keep searching for a better way. As Darwin pointed out, there is natural selection; the best will be selected. And what happens to the rest? We all die, failing to adapt, to find a better way.

We all get to die so that the best can be selected. It is the way of nature.

Pete Maravish my hero

OK, we all have heroes. Without heroes, the movie industry would go kerplunk and fail.

My hero at age 14-18 was Pete Maravich. I spent 2-3 hours per day practicing basketball. I copied his every move. I even learned to spin a basketball on my finger (and I am still one of the best). But as did a million other small boys, I failed – we failed. There is only one "Pistol Pete," and I am not him.

And, please read this correctly, it does appear that we are hardwired to fail. The more we try, the more we search for ways to adapt, the bigger the failure.

But there is one way we can achieve success, achieve our dream. And we all can do it! We can model success; we can follow in the steps of success.

There are two rules of business that are timeless:

1. If it is not broken, do not fix it.

2. Follow success.

Rule No. 2 is a little vague and confusing.

We go to business school to learn business principles that succeed, but strangely we fail to understand that we just need to model success … well, copy success, to be precise.

Find the exact business you want to be like and copy every darned thing that business does. Don’t alter, don’t change: Do it exactly the same.

And, when you hear one of your competition saying, "I am doing it my way," celebrate that he does not quite understand:

There is the my way,
There is your way,
There is the highway,
And there is the right way.

Andrew, boy genius and my partner, is probably is tired of me saying, “Who are we copying today?"

We copy Facebook, the font is from Wikipedia, and the header resembles CNN. Just the other day, we found a good-looking site to copy our layout from. Take a look at We are copying the best and trying to make this page look almost exactly like his.

Yet, strangely, we often try to copy exactly, or we say we are copying exactly, and mysterious changes occur.

We tell ourselves that we will follow the path to success, to proven success, yet somewhere, somehow, along the way, we ended up doing it "MY WAY."

Success in Busiess Follow

Do a search on for videos tagged "follow success." You'll find that very few people do this search. Following success is not a popular strategy. It is obvious that copying success is wisdom, yet few want to copy success. If they did, there would be 1 million views, and there would be 1000s of pages about how to follow success. Ironically, we seem hardwired to line up to die, to fail.

Find a hero, copy everything he or she does. This is not plagiarism; it is not sinful. It is good common sense to follow the winners.

We can all be the one who learns from the best, who follows success, and then, when we really understand why we are succeeding, then, and only then, we can break out and do it "My Way."

Find a winner and follow success today. There is no secret to success. It is rather easy in way – not my way or your way – but the right way.

Andy Lee Graham
Kara, Togo, West Africa
May 1, 2013

YouTube, few people search for how to "Follow Success."
Yes, I dreamed to be Pete Maravich.
The Frank Sinatra School of Business