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How a Business Proves They Care

How does a business prove they care for their clients? How does a travel business prove they care? Is the whole world jaded?

Thu, 26 Jul 2012 02:36:57


I want to be lovable, I want to be loved by you...

Well, not really, you are just reading this page, how can you love a bunch of typed words on a page? Sort of an unrealistic goal for a writer, but not really. What I want, and demand from readers is respect. But, let us get back to this idea of being lovable.

How can I destroy love? This is simple, you can destroy a love relationship of 30 years in 10 seconds. One lie, and you prove yourself unlovable, not to be trusted, and a person not safe. Many marriages end, after only one betrayal, but is was the straw that broke the camels back, truly there was 1000's of small lies and betrayals leading up to the final one.

Sadly, about 99 percent of all people are not to be trusted. The other 1 percent know they are good people, and will always be making money, they know they are trustworthy. Or at least they do their best, and accept their problems.

If for example though, I am the 1 percent who is truly lovable, the honest, no lies, no cheating, the one person that never lets people down person, then what? It truly is not possible to make the other 99 percent love you. Why? They like people the same as them, they want to talk to another liar, so they can revel in their lies, tell stories, and share how they lied. They do not like to feel guilty, they want to hear nice things, or sit around lying together.

In the past, I sold Real Estate, it was a great job, unlimited amounts of cash, and incredibly easy business for me. I was trustworthy, and my clients were the 99 percent who lied on a minute by minute basis, they seldom told me the truth.

Yet, the first day we would meet, they would ask 20 questions, I would take notes, write them down on my little index cards. Then I said to them, I will find the answers, and the next day upon meeting again, I would answer all their questions as good as possible. and when I did not know an answer, I would not invent one, I would not bullshit, I would say honestly, I cannot answer them. A few clients, about 70 percent would get angry, because I was not perfect, and would leave me, they would stop being my client.

This was good for my business, the quicker I got rid of the bad, the quicker the good would surface to the top. There is no need to work with clients who are selfish, unfair and do not want justice, who cannot accept that I am human.

I proved I was lovable, I was honest, forthright, and cared enough to answer all their questions honestly, they still were not honest with me.

That is how to be lovable to a person who is not lovable, please remember, I said that 99 percent of my clients lied to me continuously, they were almost never lovable. They had an extreme double standard, I needed to be trustworthy, even when they was not, that is the nature of business.

"A business should be trustworthy, even when 99 percent of clients are not to be trusted."

No business is perfect, nor person is perfect, we all make mistakes.

No business is perfect, nor person is perfect, we all make mistakes.

No business is perfect, nor person is perfect, we all make mistakes.

When we make an error, we must "man up," and say, oops, I am sorry, I screwed up, and the client must forgive us, it must forgive the business. Or we must throw the client out the door, clients who cannot forgive, when the person ask for forgiveness is not fair, just, or capable of love.

The Angry Business Owner with GREAT PRODUCTS

I want to be this person --- I truly do not want to listen to all the insane, insecure, impossible, and incredibly unfair people tell me their personal problems.

This describe a great artist, a great carpenter, a master craftsman, someone who is truly at the top of their field,
"They do not suffer fools well."

Example of a writer with a great product: Paul Theroux

Please note, I hate to read travel writers, 99.99 percent are scum, liars, writing crap to make you wow, and buy something this is worthless, but I do read Paul, it took me years to give him a chance.

Do you know Paul? Do you read his books? Here are a few quotes from a page of reader comments:

Here are some quotes from readers one of the greatest "writers who travels" on the planet today: Paul Theroux.

"He is stuck up, self- aggrandizing, and misanthropic."
- First comment from idiot.

"Sarcastic, at times down right irreverent."
- Second comment from fair person.

"occasional self-absorption and cruel caricaturing of people he finds obnoxious."
- Third comment

 "An East Coast Uppity Goes Into Culture Shock"
- Fourth comment from true idiot.

Reviews of book by Paul Theroux:
The Old Patagonian Express: By Train Through the Americas

In the modern world, the idiots have a voice, 100 years ago, only the truly reasonable people could rise to the top. Now, the bigger the complainer, the higher they rise, the whole world has,

Michael Moore Syndrome

"Michael Moore Syndrome."
Make a living by complaining about important people,
no solutions, just complaints.

Michael is a fat, obnoxious loser, who made millions by complaining about winners, he is an artist at this, he make you hate someone else, so you do not look at him. He is Hitler copy at his best, he helps people to find a common enemy. He is promoter and propagandist, with fat man syndrome, small penis, and all the other problems of people who have never found or offered a solution to real problems in their life. Look at them, never look at me, he makes you focus on the other, he does the job of the devil, he makes two people fight.

How to be successful in business.

1. Sell yourself, and be as 100 percent honest as possible, never sell your integrity by telling lies.

2. Sell, a great product, that is 100 percent honest, make the product so good, that people, come and put money in your pocket.

3. Third Way: Wow the people, suck up them, make them feel important, and tell them how great they are, never be honest, everything you say is a feel good thing.

Oops, There are Successful Liars, Yes Many

Did any of the quotes above say, Paul Theroux was not to be trusted?
No, they just do not like his style of writing, he is a teacher, an instructor, he makes the reader think. People do not like to be told, they are lazy, and stupid, because they know that all ready, they do not want to be reminded.

A great product makes an idiot feel smart.

A highly sold product makes a buyer feel important.

In the end, a good business is going to prove it can be trusted, by untrustworthy people. Next, when a liar calls up, the business owner is going to give respect, and try to answer the questions honestly, while listening to never-ending lies, misrepresentations and make you feel good comments.

What is a person to do?

1. Listen to the lies.

2. Try to find the truth.

3. Do not tell the person, that he or she is lying.

4. Give them the answers, to the questions they did not ask.

That will establish a one on one business relationship.

What is a product to do?

1. Sell at a high price, enough the person feels it is quality.

2. Over-deliver, give more benefits than the person expected.

3. Listen when the person complains, it is what people do, try to repair, modify, or fix, so that complaint never occurs again.

4. Ignore all the people who say really great things, they want you to love them. Say thank you, and go on, they are lying to make friends of you.


To be in business is the art of listening to liars complain, and to answer the questions they did not ask, and always pretend you trust them. Why, because 99 percent of people are not to be trusted, but you can love them all the same. You can love them enough to tell them the truth.

Fun stuff.

Andy Lee Graham

Always amazed, when anonymous people want me to listen, they prove they do not even care enough to give me respect of a full name.

What do I sell? I sell the way to make you love yourself, so you do not need to have people suck up to you today...

"Michael Moore Syndrome."
Make a living by complaining about important people,
 no solutions, just complaints. You can fool all the people, all of the time.