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China Business Invades The Home Of Sleeping Giant The USA

June 27, 2016. I feel an ethical obligation to give this warning, China is competing in business against the USA, and the USA needs to slow it down.

Sun, 26 Jun 2016 22:18:32

Chinese Quality

This is sign in Lome,Togo West Africa, pretty much saying, "We know you will not pay for American quality."


Here I am… Andy Lee Graham

Today is June 27, 2016, today, my first shipment of products will be sent from Guatemala City directly to facility in Joliet, Illinois. It will then be put into warehouse, bar codes, and technological savvy, Amazon will then send the products directly to people who purchase them. This is called FBA Amazon, (Fulfilled By Amazon.)

I, Andy Lee Graham of products am doing:
- Exporting from Guatemala
- Importing to the USA
I am doing both legs of the projects.
Vertical Integration

WARNING - This is how American business people need to work, this is more or less how Apple computers works, made in China for Americans companies.

I Do Buy American First - I Do Want to Make In USA First

For the last two years, I have been using Amish women near Sturgis, Michigan to make my products, and they still are making many of them. They cannot scale up to make 1000’s, the Strawberries, and Eggs, and other things interfere, there are up to 7 of them working part time. I am happy; they do good work, but with peddle machines, not electric. They do not want me to put on the packaging, “Made by Amish.”

Hmm, would that be about the same as saying,
“Made by Muslims.”
“Made by Christians.”
An analogous same comment,

I would love to have all my products made in the USA, but here is the ugly truth, every conversation I have with the American companies is full of anger. More or less they say,
“If you want us to so the work, you have to pay us a lot, we do not care.”

This is the pain for me, I will work with them, but the not caring thing makes it so I do not care. How can I care for someone who does not reciprocate, and care about me? The Americans, including the Amish, just want to take the crème off the top. When I was home, I had an invention made by one Amish lady, the boss of them, and she just outright said,
“It is too difficult to make, make it somewhere else.”

Hmm, so I go to Guatemala, and I am having an American there do them, arrange them, and sadly, they are doing better work in Guatemala than in the USA by Amish women.

I am angry, frustrated, I just want to invent Travel products, sell them, be happy, and be 100 percent proud to recommend the products I sell. I refuse to sell anything that I will not recommend. I also would love to make in the USA, and make Americans happy; I have no real desire to make Guatemalans or Chinese happy. However, the Guatemalans do seem happy to work with me and the Americans act like they do me a favor by talking to me. This is why I do not go to Europe; the Europeans act as if they do me a favor by giving me the time of day…

The Travel Gear Product Formula
1. Invent it. (I have 30 plus in process of development.)
2. Make Prototype. (iteration)
(I believe business schools should teach classes in iteration, and charisma.)
Iteration is the 99 percent perspiration and 1percent inspiration.
3. Source the materials used to make the product.
4. Choose a person or company to make the product.
5. Have them made.
6. Send to Amazon FBA.
7. Wait, test the market, and see if they sell, get reviews.
8. After about 15 reviews and a certain number sold, we scale up.
9. I make decision, to continue, or stop the product.

IF the cost of making them in the USA is too high, then I must take them offshore. Here is an example of a product that is selling at 6, but I lose money. They are a great idea, but cost too much to be made in USA or Guatemala, I need them made in China.
Closer to the source of where the fabric and zippers are made…

Now, what does this all have to do with China invading the USA? Well, Americans are afraid to go abroad, they read the news, and they believe the stupid shit, that it is dangerous. The employees do not want to go anywhere but the fun places, they do not want to go to Hong Kong, the want to go to Singapore, where it is cleaner. They want to go to Germany, and France and all the stupid places to import from, Germany, France, and Europe is a place to sell products.
Americans need to make America great again, we need to small business to the world, and we need to sell small plastic products, small items. The American car industry is sick; maybe it can survive, but probably will go under again, as they just do not understand the global economy. The young American business people do not want to get dirty, they want to always be yuppie nice, to drink Starbucks, and have sex with their smart phones.

Henry Ford was a good example of a great American; he wanted vertical integration of the rubber used in tires for Ford Cars. So he went to Brazil and tried to do it.

Employees Are Not Entrepreneurs - CEO’s are NOT Entrepreneurs
They are managers of business.

Americans are entrepreneurs at heart; everyone is looking for the million dollar idea that will make them a millionaire. Mostly, they want to be clever, to be Facebook, they are not Warren Buffet trying to buy products, they want to produce nothing to be Rock Star rich, not to build, or fabricate, or think outside the box, to make the best widget. The age of invention is moving to China, the age of the clever American wanting Facebook fame has arrived, to be Starbucks champion to hold the Starbucks in left hand, and shake the Smart phone in the right hand.

While we Americans sleep, the Chinese have figure out, how to export directly to the USA. They have vertical integration of 50-80 percent of products we need to use in the USA.

China is exporting to the USA, and selling directly to the retail consumers, they are not selling wholesale, they are selling retail, and they are making all the margins up and down. They have figured out how to make it in China cheap, make it good, make it quality, and put it for sale inside the USA using online marketing with, Ebay, and other websites, they are invading all the online sales, and they will take over.

Why? As best I can figure out, they have a way of shipping from China cheaply. The government of China must have recognized the weak link, for them to get into retails sales in the USA they needed to be able to ship quickly products directly from China, import / export problems solves, go through customs, get to the buyer, with zero problems.

China can sell a 3 dollar product on Amazon or Ebay, with free shipping, China is amazingly smart. While, Americans are sleeping, they working, while a 22 year old MBA is afraid to leave the USA, does not have a passport, the Chinese are also invading African markets. I am in Togo, West Africa, I buy Chinese here, to buy American is financial suicide, to go broke fast, faster, and fastest. To spend my money foolishly.

American Embassy in Togo Story

I had an appointment with the man in charge of American business development in Togo last year. It took me 8 times of emails, and calls, and stopping to talk at the Embassy of the USA here in Lome, Togo to get the appointment. I finally threatened, I said, I am going to call the representatives in my State of Indiana, to call him, if he does not arrange an appointment, the man was a pussy. He was the worst American that Americans make, a person who has this big title, and does nothing.

When I threatened, he finally call me direct, before it was emails only, and an assistant, a man from Togo writing, 2-3 levels of bureaucracy, with the intention of not doing his job.

Finally we meet, and he said,
“Don’t do business in Togo.”

He gave me nothing, zero, he is the Ugly American who never leaves the compound, drinks alcohol, flies Air France, and not Air Moroc, lives the high life, and sucks American tax payers dollars, and probably drives a Toyota Land Rover, oblivious to business, and he was in charge of American Business Development in Togo.

Along with him at the meeting was another man, who wanted to learn about Teak, and exporting. I ask the man his name, and he said,
“I do not want to give it.”
Anonymous bullshit inside the American Embassy of Togo, who is anonymous working in an Embassy?

Again, and again, I see Americans not wanting to man up, look the world in the eyes, and taking intelligence abroad.  The American embassies abroad are full of people who could not run a business if they tried, they are employees, who think like employees, knowing to do nothing is safe, and to something will only make them responsible, so they avoid work as is the American way of doing thing, never be held responsible.

We have tyranny by the PC minorities, who make everyone afraid to talk, to be honest, and to be brave. If we say our real opinions, we will be put out of business by minorities, as if every sub-group of the USA is the boss. Land of the brave, where?

OK, for my rant for the day. Truly, I do love the USA; it is a good place, full of good people, but getting weaker by the year. Talk about Organic this, and Global Warming, and all these has-nothing-to-do with normal living stuff.

And to boot, Google has become such a global monopoly, that if you are not one of their big advertisers like TripAdvisor, they squeeze traffic, if everything is not written PC, or stupid angry, they stop traffic. IF not liked by Facebook, then it does not exist, but to be liked by Facebook or Twitter is most likely a person who will lie to you, and tell you exactly what you want to hear for money.

China is inside the USA, selling products retail, with zero overhead, the average American brick and mortar business is in trouble, today, not tomorrow.

Wake up America; we are being invaded by other cultures.

Andy Lee Graham
Lome, Togo, West Africa, 18 years abroad in 107 countries, maybe I know a little about global issues.

Please note, I made less than 30,000 USD last year, and did all of this.