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Africa and the Master Slave Relationships

I believe there is nothing more natural, or human than the desire to master, and have others obey.

Fri, 18 Jan 2013 22:20:07

Africa and the Master Slave Relationships

This quote explains global business:

“Slaves and serfs made up around three-quarters of the world's population at the beginning of the 19th century.”
- David P. Forsythe (2009)
- "Encyclopedia of Human Rights, Volume 1"


There are 100’s of ways we are encouraged to be the master, the dominator:

We get a “Masters Degree.”

We become a “Master Carpenter.”

The Christian Bible is written to say, we must accept there are masters, making the man the master of the wife, and God is the master of all mankind.

"Therefore be alert, since you don't know when the master of the house is coming.”
- Mark 13:35

The best way to make a slave of other humans is to prove you are rich. To prove there is no way to compete, or win, they will submit, to prove to another human being they need you.

I am here in Lome, Togo, it has been a couple of years since I was immersed in Africa, and one forgets the bad, and only remembers the good. It takes a month or two of being here, before I remember some of the problems. One of the annoying aspects of living in Africa is the need to be master over Africans, and even the other whites. Let me say it this way, I need to dominate, or be dominated, there is almost no relationship that is built around mutual respect.

The great thing is this, when we figure out the pecking order, the battle ends, and harmony is achieved.

This was a problem with my Cote d’Ivoire girlfriend, who I was planning to marry. When I returned after two years, she was demanding to be the master in the relationship, and in many ways, I refused to enter into the competition. When I was here two years ago, I had defeated her, and she accepted her role in the relationship, upon return, she naturally forgot, and wanted to try to be my master. In many ways, I am being unfair, maybe I should return, win the dominant position in the relationship, you know,
“Show her who is boss.”

The other night, I had a conversation with a German, he was mocking me, he has lived here for 18 years, he spent his adult life in Africa, he is African, and I said,
“Stop mocking, stop being African, maybe you can be German.”
“That is not much good either, that culture believes in superiority.”
“Ok, understand, I have no need to be your friend.”

In a way, I threatened to stop buying him beer, he drinks, he is a functional alcoholic, but incredibly smart, he understands Africa, And can explain the culture to me in English, but seldom with true respect, is more a who going to dominate who relationship.


This is tiresome, it fatigues me to continually need to assert to other humans,
“Hey listen, give me good service or I leave.”

The fight for human rights will be won, and the strong will give up, and migrate to places where there is nobody nagging. I for one, have no desire to listen to a divorce woman tell me endlessly how her ex-husband abused her, I migrated to Africa.

In many ways, soldiers are the only good slaves in the USA, they obey their orders.

Yes, many churches are full of good slaves, when the Preacher says jump, the parishioners obey.

My Mother says to me,
“Andy, obey Gods will.”
I never quite get it, and I want to say,
“Mom, it is not my nature to think about how to abuse people, and truly Gods will is very ambiguous.”

And, I read the New Testamount three times, and I have yet to meet a person who believe they should obey the bible as it is written. It grants me, the man more rights than any Christian is willing to give, the more Christian they are, the less they believe in honesty… (oops, did I type that?)

Hey, the Bible is specific, the man is the head of the family, I can go marry an American woman from church, and tell her she must obey. I obey God, and she obeys me, if all is good, and I am obeying God, then why wouldn’t she obey me?

Global Business Requires Workers to Obey

In a way, we find out where to get the cheapest labor, that obeys, for the least amount of money.

I think the USA Industrial factory systems are broken, and I am not sure we can create enough slave mechanical robots. When the USA has to pay a General Motors worker 60,000 dollars per year to obey, and India can pay 6000, how do we compete? Yes, we do it better, but not that much better; it is unreasonable and illogical to believe we have a chance. Of course we need to move our multinational business to China, or they can go bankrupt, they have no choice.

My Nature is to be the Alpha Male

I am not the scream at you type of man, I am the maneuver you, put you in between a rock and hard spot person. I plan in a pre-meditated, and pulling away from the game way to dominate other people.

As many of you can see, my Cote d’Ivoire girlfriend wanted to dominated, and I walked away, in many ways, I am saying,
“Either I win, and dominate, of you lose the future.”

Now, and an anal, non intellectual, and really insulated American ways, this is an unacceptable comment to say in USA culture. The USA wants me to treat every human being on the planet with the same rights and respect of the USA.

Oops, nobody told these African girls they need to treat me with respect, I must win their respect, demand it, or they will take, me and in Ghana terms, they “Chop Me.”

I gave myself a pep talk yesterday,
“Andy, you are not in Kansas anymore, you are in Africa, the real world. Ok, you need to play the game, and dominate in relationships and be master, or they will abuse you.

Andy, be the benevolent master of all people in your life!

Well, this place is 10 times easier than the USA; the battle is up front, direct, and in my face. All I have to do is be boss, the often call me boss here in Africa,

“Chef.” (Chief in English)
“Thon Thon.”

Walking by African, these words are said, maybe 10-25 percent of the time.

I know it is irritating to read I have written above, but only by exploring the nature of human relations, can we learn when we went to far, when we denied a person their human rights.

99 percent of Whites here in Africa drive around in a car, normally a Toyota Land Rover.

DHV - Demonstration of Higher Value

The upper class in the USA wants to dominate the lower class, I just do not care, and this is for sure the reason why we buy the bigger car, the bigger house.

Man must prove he would be a good husband; he must get the great job, the big car, the DHV.

Well, sadly, the NGO’s and Missionaries make sure they prove to Africans they are master, driving in the Toyota Land Rover, more or less saying to all African, you can never compete, I have all the gold, the big money, you are the to be dominated.

How do I lose respect in Africa? I look weak here, I appear poor.

Well, I walk around in Kodjoviakope, or Grand Bassam in Cote d’Ivoire, or even in Cape Coast, Ghana. I eat what the locals eat, I shop in the local market, and I ride on the motorcycle taxis.

The see me doing the same as them, they believe they have a chance of winning, so they try to be my master.

It does not take an Einstein to see,
“Mutual respect is not the glue that holds together the world.”

And in ending, just to annoy the anti-intellectuals, who believe that George Bush was all bad, watch this video: The only way it can annoy you is if you are constantly being dominated...

But think of it this way, business would be easy, if all the employees just did their job good, and efficiently.

It is rare to find a human who says, I like to have a boss. In reality, the reason I like my Cote d’Ivoire girlfriend, is because I want her to the boss 99 percent of the time, it make life simple for me, I just obey.

But when I say no, it is not a debate, discussion, or something to sit around negotiating; it is my human right to say no.

I love all of this; it is human nature in the raw.

Andy Graham

Pancakes are good, regardless