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I Did Not Know I Was Poor Until You Told Me

Poverty has many bums, beggars, and lunatics, be a gentleman, and grant them the right of pride.

Sun, 17 Mar 2013 10:33:41

Giving Pride to the Third World with Manners

I do not care much that people are poor in money, but I do care when people are careless, and accidentally keep the ones below, below.

--- by failing to have good manner with all men, as if some deserve to be treated with respect and other do not.


I often think,
“Why do you refuse to introduce me this person that came to talk?”
I suspect you see this person as a nothing, but nobody is below a man with good manners, all are equals, and allow me the right to make my owo opinions and decisions, it is not right.

There is a power within all men, in one it grows, one is unaware, and one is constantly robbed, it is the power of pride. I wish upon all men the pride of doing a good job, of being a good person, of having your yes be yes, and your no be no, and that you refuse to surround yourself in blankets of petty lies to keep the world away.

My friend,
Good manners is the art of ignoring all we see and hear, and granting respect to our new friends. Giving each new acquaintance the benefit of the doubt, to keep contempt, and petty thoughts and judgments out of the game. To deal honestly, and granting the power of pride to all around us, and even those who do not deserve it.

When I meet a man on the street, I say hello, I smile and walk down my path, whether I meet the King, the President, or the man cleaning the stables, the greeting is standard, to do less, is to lower myself, and to say to the other, you are nothing, what an ugly insult to myself.

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès (3 March 1748 – 20 June 1836), most commonly known as the Abbé Sieyès, was a French Roman Catholic abbé, clergyman and political writer. He was one of the chief political theorists of the French Revolution, and also played a

Third World

What is the “Third World?”

“What Is the Third Estate?
What is the Third Estate? Everything. What has it been hitherto in the political order? Nothing. What does it desire to be? Something."


“Qu'est-ce que le Tiers-État ? Le plan de cet Écrit est assez simple. Nous avons trois questions à nous poser :

1° Qu'est-ce que le Tiers-État ? Tout.
2° Qu'a-t-il été jusqu'à présent dans l’ordre politique ? Rien.
3° Que demande-t-il ? À y devenir quelque chose.”

It is no mans right to treat another man as less than, until that person has proved it by action and deed.

Thanks, Andy Graham

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès, wrote an excellent quote, saying to the effect, the true poor, those with no hope, want to be a something, not a nothing.
The Third world, wants to a something, and not a nothing.