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What is Price of Breakfast in a Small USA Neighborhood Restaurant 2012

I walked into a small Midwest USA restaurant in Fort Wayne and tried to eat breakfast for two dollars. The easy price is 10 USD.

How does a world traveler budget breakfast? I always, regardless of country want to pay two U.S. Dollars, that is always my target price for all three meals. It is the price I consider globally fair and acceptable. With this amount of money needed, (Not wanted), I can eat enough calories for my body for 2 dollars.

OK, but the prices on menus cause me problems.

An ala carte menus is best for a restaurant budget, however package meals have become the standard in the USA. (They are NOT cheaper, specials are not cheaper.)

What is the price of a mean in a neighborhood Restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana? I went into a Halls Restaurant, not the cheapest, not a diner, but a place with a bar where patrons come daily to sit and gab.

Generally, restaurants with regulars are cheaper, people who come in daily, and maybe 2-3 times. Some of the regulars will eat all three meal in the restaurant.


1. Bowl of Cereal, no coffee 2.40

2. 2 Eggs, Toast and coffee 5.00

3. Ham and Cheese Omelet, Toast, Bacon, Coffee 7.50

With a tip, the people generally pay 10 USD.


Yes, I am paying about 47 dollar per month for only liability insurance on the van, I thought that was a lot. I am happy to say, the food in grocery stores like Aldis is cheaper than most overseas. However the fresh vegetables and fruits are more expensive. I was surprise to find out how hard the banana peals are and not as sweet.

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