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The Wonderful Benefit of Greed Travel Tip

There is a paradox, those who are truly greedy often give freely to people who are not greedy, granting them the new good life.


Greed is an Enigma

Greed built the pyramids, greed caused WW II with 55 million people to die needlessly. Greed is fuel that built all the man made tourist attractions on the planet, and greed is what makes people want money for you to take a trek in the woods, and some how get you to pay for what God gave freely.


I have seen the Pyramids, most greedy people will never enjoy them.
- I want to thank the greedy world.

The Greed Deal Offered by Man

I was traveling around in the USA, and would stop in McDonald's and use the free Internet. Well, for the last 14 years, I have enjoyed living in the poor countries, they tend to sell me what I need, and not what I want. I have to do a lot of work in a poor country to find wants. Which by the way, is a great thing, what I need is cheap, while what I want is expensive.

A McDouble Hamburger is Fun Stuff

As I drove around the USA, I would enter into a McDonald's and would order a one dollar McDouble off the value menu, and often the reply would be
"Don't you want anything more?"

I would think to myself,
"Gee, a McDouble already has 390 calories too many!"
--- Calories
"It is already too much."

I was already feeling bad enough for eating all that fat content, but I like them McDoubles, McD's seldom sells good deals in the McDonald's abroad. And one dollar for 390 calories of energy is a good deal. A hamburger is expensive food, if I eat 5 dollars worth of them, I have my 2000 calories I "NEED" for the day. 5 dollars worth of spaghetti and I am fat pig, calories are truly very cheap.

What I need to eat per day cost 5 dollars, what I want cost more. Food is truly cheap on planet earth.

Note, I love to use obnoxious examples like eating at McDonald's for examples, I am fully aware all you people thinking they are eating healthy and trying to avoid temptatation. I can enter into McDonalds and only drink a juice if I want. I could have used a vegetarian diet, and explained the same thing. However, if a person is going to cop an attitude with a discussion about McDonald's, then they need to stop reading, they are too greedy with their reading for entertainment... hehehe

(I only want to read what is 100 percent politically correct, nothing can be different than what I already agree with, greed at it zenith.)

Want is Greed

People Will pray for wants, and this is sort of strange, I think maybe is OK to pray for pain to stop, but to pray for most wants is just greed. I tend to say,
"I am sorry, do the right thing, give me what I need, and I am OK."

Even the belief in God is a greedy, the person wants something for nothing.

Well, the bottom line is this McDonald's knows people are greedy, therefore they give us an air conditioned environment, free Internet, clean room, free toilets, napkins and even refills on coffee. In exchange, their business model knows 99 percent of people will buy more than then need, and fall to temptation, they wil buy 10-20 time more than needed, and I thank you people.

See: The greedy people pave the way for me to enjoy all the other benefits of entering into a McDonald's, I can sit in an AC enviroment for free, this is weird.

I have yet to understand it, but I have absolutely faith that somehow when I only eat, drink, or request from life what I need. The other 99 percent of peoples greed gives me and incredible list of benefits to enjoy.

Sort of like the idiot preachers, they help relieve you from guilt, and you pay them money. Or you pay them money to relieve your guilt, they live off the guilt of your greed, this is great stuff folks, people cannot stop sinning or there would not be a need for Religions.

If you buy the cheap products or services from about any business, then you will get what you need, plus 10 times more of stuff that is enjoyable.

There are Annoying Business Models

I often walk into businesses where their is nothing that is sold is a good value. It caters only to the wants, I often think this is the Mac Computer company in a nutshell. Many tourist bubble restaurants give you no option, nothing is a good value, this in a way is normal for the tourist industry. Just try to find a good deal for the money at the duty free shop in the airport, there is no duty because the products cost 5 time more than what is a good, go do the math.

People buying from these stores, pay the taxes that fund the schools, the roads, the libraries, the never ending list of things I do not need in life, but of course enjoy. It is absolutely amazing what is free in a library!

The people buying books, pays for me to read them for free, what a deal.

The truth is this, I cannot stop the people who want it all from giving me things. I know they want the good feeling from giving, I keep thinking to myself,
"If you gave me something you needed, that is a sacrifice, that would be a gift to remember."

It is amazing how people give to relieve guilt, please, do something else that makes you feel guilty. Giving me clothing you do not want is disposing of unwanted items to allow you to buy more things you want, and do not need. The Salvation Army has clothing never worn. People with low self-esteem refuse to buy the expensive clothing, it is not an image they not feel they deserve.

I have foolishly worked hard for wants for years, and when I stopped working for what I wanted, I got 100 time more than I need.

I bought a Nautilus jacket here in Pana for 5 bucks yesterday, it must be a 150 dollar jacket, and I thank you wanting folks at home.

Somehow greed is an enigmatic world, the greedy people pay for my travels. Seldom are dreams about needs, they are about wants, sort of greed with a twist. People often assume I read travel writers, and watch travels shows, the truth is, I cannot stomach to read travel writers writing about debaucherous spending of money, that is for the greedy who pay for my travels.

If you stopped buying all your greedy thing, you would have the time, and money to travel anywhere on the world. It is almost 50 times cheaper to live outside the USA, than inside. But, please keep being greedy, it is what funds my travel, if the world was full of saints, they would not enslave people to build huge skyscrapers, pyramids, and the Castles the Queen of England lives in, and all these man made wander would not exist.


Andy Lee Graham on Lago Atilan, in Guatemala, one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet, and the perfect enviroment at 1500 meter elevation.

Greed Defined: Greed is the inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods, or objects of abstract value with the intention to keep it for one's self, far beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort. It is applied to a markedly high desire for and pursuit of wealth, status, and power.   As a secular psychological concept, greed is, similarly, an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs. It is typically used to criticize those who seek excessive material wealth, although it may apply to the need to feel more excessively moral, social, or otherwise better than someone else.

Greed paid for the Pyramids. title=