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Food in the USA is Affordable

How much does it cost to eat in the USA? How much money should a world traveler allow per day to pay to buy food or eat?

Daily Food Budget for USA Road Trip 2012

5 Dollars day

My name is Andy Graham, I have traveled the world for 14 years, and visited 90 countries as of March 2012. I need to re-learn how much it cost to eat in the USA, because I have lived abroad for 14 years.

The USA is a Cheap Food Country

I am almost embarrassed to say this, but it appears I can eat as cheap, or cheaper than most of countries where I normally would want to live, like Guatemala, Peru or Thailand. Hmm, oops, Thailand is still half the price of the USA, but Guatemala is about the same, and the Dominican Republic where I just returned from is twice or three times the cost of the USA for food.

The cost of food in super markets in the USA is cheap, I can purchase a can of string bean for 75 cents, while in most countries they cost 1.25-1.50 USD.

The Tip is a Budget Problem

I need to Tip in the USA, while 85 percent of the world is really Tip free. Therefore, it is best for me to avoid the type of restaurants that want a Tip for service, or they want me to pay the waitress for them.

McDouble in USA

Generally there is an "Incredible Deal" offered in the USA for food.

Take for example the "Dollar Menu" at McDonald's, I can buy a McDouble for one U.S. dollar.

calories per day

I need 2581 calories per day to stay the same weight.

Here, use this "Calories per Day Calculator" by to figure out how many calories you need. Click Here

Calories: 2581
- McDouble 390

= 2191 more calories needed per day..

This is fun, if I ate 5 USD of McDoubles per day, I would have 1950 in calories and lose weight. (Maybe)

Coney Dog

Extra food - Extra Food - Extra Food

Last weekend was Easter, I went to my sisters house and probably ate 4000 calories. Yesterday, my Mother and Father took me to eat Coney Dogs, by eating two of them, I had 618 calories. Now, I am aware, even though I may spend 5 USD per day and eat 5 McDoubles, and not have enough calories in a day, there is always the "Extra Food," where it comes from is a mystery that cannot be denied or avoided.

After the Dust Settle, I believe 5 USD is a good Budget Number

I am 100 percent aware, that 99 percent of Americans probably would read this and believe I am crazy. However, I have no desire to be part of the group when it comes to eating inside the USA. I want to live long and prosper, and that means I must step away.

What to eat today, Friday April 13, 2012?

My normal tactic will be to walk into grocery stores, buy food items, walk out and eat them before I even make it back to my van.

Maybe today, I go to Kroger's and have 2 dollars in Salad.

Maybe today, I stop in Walmart and eat a Chicken Breast at the Deli.

Maybe on the way out, I buy a can of Seaside Butter Bean, two Bananas and one Apple.

Blue Bunny

I am a grocery store food scavenger, and unfortunately yesterday, I found where I could buy 12 Ice Cream Sandwiches for one Dollar.

There are these incredible deals on food in the USA, which makes the USA a cheap place to live and travel.

Life is good, and I am happy to say, if I can avoid the temptations of the USA to buy 1000's of things that are not needed. Then I can live and travel in the USA for around 500 USD per month, if I wish, or want.

I am not sure humans are capable of separating their wants from their needs. What I need in life is normally cheap, while what I want cost my soul.



12 Blue Bunny Ice Cream Sandwiches for 1 USD. title=
Coney Dog.
Calories needed per day.
Calories of McDouble in USA.