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Do You Want To Spend 4500 Dollar Per Month On Room Rent - Budgets

I see you have agreed to pay 4,500 dollars per month on room rent.

Room Rent

The other day, a man told me,
"I am paying $1,500 dollars per month in San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala per month for rent.

Then, another man recommended to him, you can pay $6,000 dollars per month for rent in Antigua, Guatemala.

Yes, put it on your credit card, and make a Hotel room reservation.

This is normal room rents on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for tourists.

This is normal room rents for tourist to Antigua, Guatemala.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham


I find it amazing, there are people in Antigua, Guatemala paying $6,000 dollars per month room rent. There are people in San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala paying $1,500 dollars per month.

Page Turner

Sounds like a case of people thinking what they want and not what they need. Think how far one could travel on that amount of money if they were more prudent about spending their money.


I find it amazing too....especially that they can afford to do so....but oh well....if they can afford it and want to spend their money on it....I suppose they are free to make their choices.....I wouldn't though...if I had that much money to spend......I would gather a number of people who couldn't afford even a vacation....and pay for us all to go somewhere together if I chose to spend it that way...and maybe they don't have to worry....nor even care to save.....the world is full of all kinds.


This is a travel quiz, I am prodding people to think.


What's the quiz question?


Melvin, Antigua hotels will be packed for Holy Week. I suppose you can find a spot before then though. I was there last year for seven months and plan to return in April. I think I'll go to the lake for a couple weeks until after Easter. I can't remember the name of the cheap hotel I used, but it wasn't very good. Later I stayed at Hotel Palacio Chico (there are two, I was at the one on 3rd Ave S). Medium price, very nice, wonderful staff. I ended up renting a nice furnished house for about $550/month all in, in nearby San Pedro de las Huertas.


I was pointing out the cost of over 50-80 percent of Hotels as monthly cost,

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