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Budget Travelers Learn To Stop Saying Cheap

Savvy travelers learn to avoid the word cheap, distrust the word, and use specific dollars amounts, having respect for others enough to share the price.

Tue, 16 Feb 2016 04:57:37

Budget Travelers Learn to Stop Saying Cheap

First of all, let me admit, the words “Budget Travelers” are confusing, we all travel on a budget, some big, some small. The way the words are used mean, “we watch our money, and try to get bargains.” And again, that is sort of insulting, are we saying rich people are not smart enough to get good bargains? Generally, it is my belief rich people, the ones who originally made the money are the best at getting bargains, they recognize bargains, and parlayed them into fortunes.

Budget Traveler

Who is not a budget traveler? There is a large group of travelers who choose hotels to improve their social status. And generally, to be a hard core budget travel will indeed destroy your social status, unless you only hang around with nerds, mathematical wizards who can truly analyze a long list of benefits and variables, and calculate value, versus social status.

(Note, a special comment, if there is one thing I am 100 percent positive after 17 years, and 107 countries of travel, 96 percent of people suck at math, and need to carry / “USE” a calculator at all times, and obviously they do not. The under 30 group are almost math ignorant, not able to do math in their heads.)

Now, I hope you are confused, why? Because, the words budget travel should confuse you or you have not yet enter the game of travel. Only when we start to slice, and dice ideas, break them down into their smaller concepts can we truly grasp, and hold onto the rules of travel.

Now lets us get down the meat of the article, what the hell is cheap? Cheap to Bill Gates for a Hotel is probably less than 150 USD per night, while for a 22 year old backpacker in South America it should be 3 dollars, but is probably 15.

For me, Andy Lee Graham, anything under 5 is cheap, but for most people reading this page, anything between 25 and 50 is probably cheap, that would be American budget traveler. It is my guesstimate, that 50 percent of the Hotels on the planet cost less than 10 US Dollars. They are invisible to mass of humans because we do not try to live like the locals; we try to live like we do at home. We cannot see, what we do not believe, and we are biased to believe we make good decisions.

“Nearly half the world’s population, 2.8 billion people, survive on less than $2 a day.”
United Nations un.org

(Note, the 2.8 billion do not know they are poor, until some UN insensitive jerk tells them.)

Read above, do the math, can these 2.8 billion people afford a Hotel room costing more than 10 USD per night, not really, but we all need Hotel rooms a few times in our lives, and need is the way to find a Hotel room costing less than 10 USD per night.

I remember Dave the Stock Broker asking me in Sosua, Dominican Republic how to find a Hotel room under 10 dollars?
And I said,
“It is quite simple; you have to believe they always exist.”

I remember renting a room in a 400,000 dollar home in Fort Wayne, Indiana from a friend for 100 dollars per month about 8 years ago for one month, AC, private shower, and WIFI included. I remember renting a room in a Bed and Breakfast in Fort Wayne, Indiana for 300 dollars per month.

What you do not believe exist, does actually exist, we are often unaware we are incompetent, it is the first level of competence.
1. Unaware we are incompetents.

Budget travelers eventually learn good budget travelers avoid saying cheap when talking about specific hotels, restaurants, or transportation, They know that cheap is relevant to whom we are talking with, and using the word cheap shows a lack of travel skills. We know specific advice is travel advice, and non-specific is sort of cheap advice.

Andy, is your Hotel cheap?

I do not say, “yes,” and pause, and “yes,” and then include the price.

I am in the El Amigo, Hotel on Lake Atitlan February 16, 2016, private room, two bed, 14x12 feet, TV, Cable, Hot Water, Cable, and WIFI that allows a movie to download at 300-500 KB per second.

1300 Quetzals - Guatemalan Currency
1,300.00 GTQ = 169.746 USD
169.7 / 30 days is 5.66

Saying it is, “none of your business how much I pay.” Probably is a desire to not compete for social status, or allow your social status to be destroyed.

Now, if you are a good reader, you can recognize the incongruency here, I admit the room is cheap, but defined cheap as under 5 USD per day, so my room is not cheap. But, I am normally insightful enough to know that 99.99 percent of people would think a 5.66 dollar room is cheap, in fact, they do not even believe me, it is unbelievable, they think there is a catch, something amiss, so they cannot see the rooms under 10 USD, they are invisible.
Cheap is a cheap word to use, sort of lazy, as is budget traveler, getting specific with prices is to grant respect for our fellow travelers, to be non-specific is something else.

Andy Lee Graham, 17 years, 350 days living abroad, in 107 countries.

Budget Travelers Learn to Stop Saying Cheap

Budget travel is a comparison, we need to know the amount of money a person has.

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