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Budget Buster Countries Map. The 21 Over Developed Countries

World travel is easy when we start our travels in the cheaper countries, and only enter the 21 travel budget buster countries with great caution.

Wed, 7 Dec 2016 00:36:11

Club de Paris

"The Money Lenders."

What an appropriate name, the "Club de Paris."

I am Andy Lee Graham ,and after living abroad for 18 years, and in 107 countries, it is with great pleasure I discovered this map on Wikipedia. For years, I have been saying, "there are 200 normal countries, and 25 over-developed ones." I take political license with the numbers just to make our lives simple.

We can learn strategies of world travel, we can travel the world, but going to these countries is often like getting kicked in the ? wallet.

Learn the art of travel in the cheaper countries, learn the value of hotels, learn how to negotiate, how to live within our personal budgets. Learn global transportation hubs, how, why, when, where, what, how, and how much money. Hone your skills in cheaper countries when making money management mistakes is affordable. Then slowly, under the guidance of the "Hobo Traveler Talk Wall" guidance, visit these highly suspect countries with great caution. Many a travel is busted, trying to navigate these travel budget buster countries.

And always be afraid of islands, there is something about island cultures that distorts their sense of money.

In the countries above, there is a culture of spending, whereby there is pressure to conform, where asking the price is "gauche." I would rather go right, then then make a left turn into a budget buster country without my eyes fully wide open. When in doubt about the expense of a country, do not go, we can explore the whole planet one country at a time.

Read about the "Club de Paris," sort of the money lenders that got kicked out of the Gods house.