Windmills in Brugge Belgium Europe
20 minute walk from the market near the
Kruispoort Gate to the city.


A windmill converts wind into energy. This wind turns blades or sails that is then transferred to a shaft.  The turning shaft may be connected to machinery used to perform such work as milling grain, pumping water, or generating electricity. When connected to a pump, the device is typically called a windmill. When used to generate electricity, it is known as a wind turbine generator.

History of Windmills

7th Century AD the Persians (Iran) used windmills for irrigation and milling grains.
Spreads to China and Middle East.

12th Century France and England begin to use windmills, and were called post mills.

14th Century the tower mill was developed by France.

Late Middle Ages
15th to 20th Century

The windmill was adapted for more task.

1. Milling grain
2. Irrigating farmland,
3. Pumping seawater from land below sea level
4. Sawing wood
5. Making paper
6. Pressing oil from seeds

By the 19th century the Dutch had built about 9000 windmills.

invented in 1745 that automatically rotates the sails into the wind. In 1772 the spring sail was developed. This type of sail consists of wood shutters, the openings of which can be controlled either manually or automatically to maintain a constant sail speed in winds of varying speeds. Other improvements include air brakes to stop the sails from rotating and the use of propellerlike airfoils in place of sails, which increases the usefulness of mills in light winds.


19aug01025.jpg (8108 bytes) These windmills are can be seen from the Kruispoort gate to the city.
Large boat coming from Amsterdam. 19aug01010.jpg (9434 bytes)
19aug01013.jpg (9140 bytes) The windmills are located on manmade hills, or knolls.
19aug01021.jpg (7956 bytes)
19aug01022.jpg (9882 bytes) This boat has a steel hull.
Lots of bikers tour the windmills. 19aug01007.jpg (9792 bytes)
19aug01028.jpg (8861 bytes) 20 minute walk from the center of Brugge

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