City Gates of Brugge Belgium
Smedenpoort (1368)
Entrance or Drawbridge

The city of Brugge is surrounded by canal. In the medieval times if you traveled from Ghent, Antwerp, and other small villages as you entered the city it would be necessary to  pass through one of these city gates. These drawbridges or gates would raise and lower to allow boat traffic, and in the time of war, protection from their enemies. There presently exist only 4, but in the past there was approximately 7.


Gent    -   Poort   

Gent that signifies the road to Ghent.
Poort mean gate.

Kruispoort  1402
Gentpoort 1407
Smedenpoort 1368
Ezelpoort 1369

A bridge that can be raised or drawn aside to permit passage beneath it. Large boats can travel the canal, with the bridges either raising or turning on a pivot post in the center to allow the boat to pass.


18aug01050.jpg (17089 bytes)

From the front you can see there is a footpath on both sides of the main entrance.

The Smedenpoort gate it is located on the outside bank of the canal, away from the city. While the Kruispoort Gate is located on the inside of the circle of canals that surround the city. 18aug01049.jpg (16811 bytes)
18aug01052.jpg (16555 bytes) Lots of bike paths in Brugge, and are used as normal transportation.  You can rent bicycles, or take a tour by bike of Brugge and areas close to the city.
See the holes. It appears that this was for the rope that would be used to raise and lower the bridge that in the past the gate was lowered over the canal.

There are also wholes in the walls for window, or shoot their weapons of either bow and arrow or crossbow.

18aug01054.jpg (16447 bytes)
18aug01055.jpg (13026 bytes) Inside the main entrance walls.
Fireplace 18aug01056.jpg (9845 bytes)
18aug01057.jpg (16497 bytes) Small curious little windows are on the building.
Other side of the Gate. This view is as you would enter the city. 18aug01058.jpg (17212 bytes)
18aug01059.jpg (17202 bytes) The bike have their own paths, and you must be careful that you do not walk on the bike paths. There are pedestrian paths.
Side view of the Smedenpoort Gate to Brugge. 18aug01060.jpg (18207 bytes)
18aug01061.jpg (17579 bytes) The canal is to the right of the picture. You can see one arch of the bridge that crosses the canal.
Beautiful green trees, and a park along side the canal. 18aug01063.jpg (19940 bytes)

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