City Gates of Brugge Belgium
At the Entrance to Brugge Belgium
Kruispoort 1402

The city is completely surrounded by either canal, or river. This is the photographs or pictures of the Kruispoort Gate. There still exist 4 of these medival gates, or drawbridges as you enter Brugge, Belgium.

Kruispoort  1402
Gentpoort 1407
Smedenpoort 1368
Ezelpoort 1369

A bridge that can be raised or drawn aside to permit passage beneath it. Large boats can travel the canal, with the bridges either raising or turning on a pivot post in the center of the canal. The city has entrances that lead toward Ghent, Oostende, Antwerp and other small villages.


19aug01006.jpg (10423 bytes)

If you walked from the market toward the Kruispoort gate, this would be the view or picture you would see.

View or photograph of the Kruispoort gate to Brugge Belgium. This bridge can move to allow boats to navigate the canal. Look at the long channel. they appear to be slots for ropes in the past. 19aug01011.jpg (14863 bytes)
19aug01014.jpg (12114 bytes) Side picture of Gate. There are holes, and window around the round structures for either shooting arrow, crossbows, or other weapons.

They post, or person watching the gate could look out the windows, and monitor the visitors to the city.

This gate is quite large. At the time I took these pictures there was no tours of the gates. There at various guides to the city, and books, and videos to purchase to explain in various languages. 19aug01015.jpg (12240 bytes)
19aug01016.jpg (18285 bytes) View of the channels in the wall, and window to pear down as people walking below.
Center of the main gate between the two round large structures. 19aug01017.jpg (15924 bytes)
19aug01018.jpg (20291 bytes) Close-up view of long holes on side of larger round structure.
This was the same type of hole, but very low, and close to the ground. 19aug01019.jpg (21824 bytes)
19aug01020.jpg (18657 bytes) View on the inside walls of the main passage.

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