Fun Photos from Brugge Belgium


14aug01052.jpg (20988 bytes) Fashion is alive in Brugge
This is a Street. It has a name and all. I do not think is is wide enough for a car. 14aug01057.jpg (17775 bytes)
18aug01064.jpg (16581 bytes) Aldi are in Europe. They are one of the cheapest place for a hobo to buy groceries in Belgium.
Front of Aldis 18aug01066.jpg (16856 bytes)
18aug01067.jpg (16645 bytes)

People loading up their bikes with purchases.

Hobo Office. The great conditions I work under on a  normal basis. This is better than normal. I have a table.The blanket I put on the wind, because the curtains were light, and the heat, and sun was unbearable. Notice the wood plank floor. This is very common in Europe. The building being over 100 years old. The is has radiator heat. 19aug01001.jpg (11182 bytes)
19aug01002.jpg (5019 bytes) My reading lamp hanging off the picture in my room. I recommend this for people that want to read
My coffee heater. 19aug01003.jpg (6672 bytes)
20aug01002.jpg (17865 bytes) Notice the skeleton keys. In Argentina they use the skeleton key everywhere, the same as Europe. Showing their closer relationship to Europe, than Central and South America, or maybe just not moving ahead with progress.
Hells Angels seems to be here. They have the leathers, and everything else in the style. 20aug01011.jpg (21510 bytes)
20aug01046.jpg (13023 bytes) This is a 3 foot high statue in front of a restaurant. There are lots of French Fires in Belgium
I consider this the most important location in Brugge. This is where the small boats would load, and unload lace at the back of the street of Lace. Very difficult to find, and quite dirty. This little canal, was probably the location where many merchants entered the market area of Brugge 600 years ago. 20aug01051.jpg (17868 bytes)
23aug01011.jpg (5582 bytes) A broken top to razor. What happens when they are not protected.

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