Canals and Bridges
Brugge Belgium

In medieval times. Before the train, the truck, and road were paved. The best form of transportation for cargo was by river or canal. Brugge is a great example of canal, and river transportation. The Zwin river flowed to the city, and the boats would enter, dock their boats, and take a smaller boat to travel to the textile trading area, or market. There are over 50 bridges in Brugge over the canals.

There are still canals that lead to Ghent, Oostende, and the ocean port of Zeebrugge.
Look for the windmills along the canals.


15aug01038.jpg (15932 bytes) Just off the market or close to the Belfry there are tours by boat of the canals.
You will see various bridges as your guide tells you the canal and bridge history of Brugge. 15aug01040.jpg (17708 bytes)
15aug01043.jpg (19718 bytes) Loading of the boats. Your hotel should be able to recommend and help
Interesting garden balcony on the side of the canal. 18aug01044.jpg (18007 bytes)
18aug01076.jpg (12788 bytes) Canals are a normal part of Brugge, the house in the center of the city, are directly on the edge.
This is the canal where the large boats would park, or check in with customs. At the one end is a statue of Jan van Eyck a famous artist from Brugge 20aug01033.jpg (9874 bytes)

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