Brugge Belgium
Belfry  1240

The center of Brugge Belgium is a Plaza. In the medieval time this market square was the center of commerce for the merchants from local city, and countries. Surround by large majestic buildings.

The belfry built in approximately year 1240 is the tallest.   108 Meter High, or (353 Feet). It is a popular tourist attractions. For a small fee you are allowed to climb the 366 steps to the top for a wonderful view of the city.

A Belfry means the part of the tower or steeple where there are bells. This belfry has 47 bells


The City Belfry on the Market Square
Bell Tower
23aug01010.jpg (7212 bytes)
14aug01053.jpg (7381 bytes) There is a clock on the side that still works.
The building is enormous. In the lower part of the building they have exibits. At the time of this photograph there was a Salvidor Dali show. 14aug01054.jpg (19477 bytes)
14aug01055.jpg (11750 bytes)
As you walk around the city remember the Belfry is the largest building in the city. You can often find your way by walking toward the Belfry. 15aug01062.jpg (7611 bytes)
15aug01076.jpg (11661 bytes)
Small bronze reproduction in front of the Belfry for illustration. 20aug01023.jpg (15219 bytes)

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